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Waterfront Dining in Kirkland

Carillon Point, Lake Street and Juanita Beach Crowning the east shores of Lake Washington, Kirkland is all about the waterfront when it comes to dining out. Fine-dining restaurants offer guest moorage for boaters, while classic burger joints and fish-and-chips stands fry up casual bites for families, picnickers, bikers and kayakers taking quick breaks from the

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Eastside Art Immersion: Kirkland

Kirkland Galleries, Classes and Art Walks Rarely does Eastside art need justification these days, holding its own across Lake Washington from metro Seattle. Even rivaling its big sister of Bellevue, visual arts in Kirkland art has a distinct personality and creative ingenuity. Here’s a look at what’s happening in Kirkland’s visual art scene this season, from

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Best Bites Jacksonville

Poutine, Szechuan Fish, Maple Street Biscuits and Kickback Corndogs The term “foodie” gets tossed around these days like a trendy in-the-know secret, but the truth is that foodie destinations are nothing more than awesome places to eat. Jacksonville has more than its fair share, and we don’t mind spilling the beans on the best bites in

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Fish Camp for Foodies

Jacksonville’s Famous Fish-Camp Eateries Bringing new life to ramshackle fishing camps of the 1940s, the Jacksonville fish-camp eateries of today offer a boot-kickin, foot-stompin, anything-goes night of pure culinary bliss. Not only is the food interesting and just-plain-good, the subtleties of fish-camp eating mean there are no rules: so kick back, dig in, and let

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Urban Green Spaces in Stamford

Parks, Playgrounds, Bird Sanctuaries and Nature Centers Is urban life just a concrete jungle chockfull of awesome things to do? Not in Stamford. It’s one of the best cities in Connecticut for stomping on pavement, green grass and forested nature all within a few minutes. Yes, you can have it all; here are some tips on

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Stamford Spring Flings: Festivals, Parades and Fun on the Farm

Maple Sugaring Festival, Salsa Fest, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and Amphibian Ambling Stamford thrives in every season, but spring just feels special somehow.  The very idea of “maple sugaring” reminds us of warmth, fresh beginnings and sweet indulgences. Here are a few ways to welcome March and April in Stamford with arms wide open. Maple Sugaring Festival If

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