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Ashley Kubba Participates in Panel Discussion about Understanding Your Market Outside of Your Market Survey

Pinnacle Operations Analyst, Ashley Kubba, participated in a panel discussion titled “Understanding Your Market Outside of Your Market Survey” at the Apartment Association of Metro Denver Annual Trade Show in May. Moderated by Tenley Bakley of Valet Living, Ashley spoke alongside Heather Ruszka, Senior Director at Greystar, and Jennifer Will, Director of Asset Management at

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Live Music in Kirkland

The Lime, The Central, Wilde Rover and Outdoor Concerts Like most things in Kirkland, live music venues tend to be eclectic, artsy and filled with ambiance lingering in every nook and cranny. From Irish tunes to jazz trios and oldie-goldies from the 60’s and 80’s, Kirkland knows how to strike a tune. Wilde Rover Wilde Rover Irish

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Waterfront Dining in Kirkland

Carillon Point, Lake Street and Juanita Beach Crowning the east shores of Lake Washington, Kirkland is all about the waterfront when it comes to dining out. Fine-dining restaurants offer guest moorage for boaters, while classic burger joints and fish-and-chips stands fry up casual bites for families, picnickers, bikers and kayakers taking quick breaks from the

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Creating the Perfect Reading Nook

For many, reading provides a much-needed escape. Books have the ability to educate, as well as entertain, opening the door for the reader to enter alternate realities with infinite possibilities. However, any book-lover will tell you the setting in which they read makes all the difference. If you share your apartment with a roommate, spouse

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Eastside Art Immersion: Kirkland

Kirkland Galleries, Classes and Art Walks Rarely does Eastside art need justification these days, holding its own across Lake Washington from metro Seattle. Even rivaling its big sister of Bellevue, visual arts in Kirkland art has a distinct personality and creative ingenuity. Here’s a look at what’s happening in Kirkland’s visual art scene this season, from

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