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Portrait of Success: Chris Martin

Property Manager of Freedom’s Path in Hines, Illinois, Recognized for Upholding Pinnacle’s Core Value of Service


We put the interests of others ahead of our own

1-portraitsuccess_chrismartin_post Chris Martin has been a Property Manager at Freedom’s Path in Hines, Illinois for nearly two years. As one might expect, he handles the normal functions of his management role from making sure occupancy is steady to keeping the financials in check. As one might not expect, he draws on his military background daily to connect with the customer base – all veterans — to help them forge a new path in life.

A three-year team member of Pinnacle, Martin was transferred to the 72-unit facility because of his impactful ability to relate to these specialized residents. He is noticeably patient and respectful as he helps them make their transition from homelessness to living in a community with neighbors, noise and activity.

Most of the residents at Freedom’s Path have had long-term exposure to the streets following their military service and, for the first time, they no longer have to worry about finding daily shelter. But many are also challenged with mental or chemical barriers. That’s where Martin becomes a liaison to help, and a friend by his own accord.

Martin is a single father and still devotes time beyond measure to helping everyone at the community. He sets boundaries for the residents and lets them know what is and is not acceptable at a property such as Freedom’s Path. He and his limited team work hand-in-hand with a not-for-profit group to set up events, and even deliver groceries to their door on special occasions. He helps to fill them up with activities and structure, something that has been lacking in their lives for so long, and sets up programs to teach them about basic life services – something we all take for granted.

A few months ago one of the residents died unexpectedly during surgery. Being the attentive and caring person that he is, Martin helped to set a legacy for this resident who once served our country and protected our freedom. He first contacted the family so they would know of his passing. Then he assisted them in gathering all of his belongings and photos. He knew that the resident had worked for an auto parts store out of the back of his van prior to moving to Freedom’s Path. Martin contacted the employer about the death. He also worked with the family to make sure that another resident of the property, who was in need of transportation for a life sustaining job, became the recipient of the deceased’s van.

Chris Martin is more than a Property Manager. He is a pillar of strength and a guiding light for many of our customers at the facility. Thanks to the good work of Martin and other Pinnacle leaders, the government recently approved another 52-unit phase for Freedom’s Path.

Co-workers and residents of Freedom’s Path offered several heartfelt comments about Martin.

“Chris Martin is a gentle giant and has been a friend to our veterans at Freedom’s Path, devoting his time each day helping to solve their needs. Chris we solute you!” – Jerry Gawlik, Regional Property Manager

“Watch Chris Martin in action and you will understand how difficult it is to verbalize the true impact he has on our veterans at Freedom’s Path in Hines. He helps to add structure to these valuable lives that might have been otherwise been forgotten because they were previously on the streets or riddled with mental or chemical challenges. I have tremendous respect for his work.” – Kellie DeVilbiss, Regional Vice President

“Chris is a great leader and boss. He sets the tone for the office and really motivates everyone to work hard and do their best.” – Ellyn Scally, Leasing Consultant – Freedom’s Path Hines

“Chris makes us want to do more at work with his positive leadership qualities. He sets the pace for an easy going and fun work environment.” – Jim Allman, Maintenance – Freedom’s Path Hines

“Chris always takes care of his employee’s and resident’s concerns. He trusts his employees and leads by example.” – Mike Rafferty, Maintenance, Freedom’s Path Hines and resident

“I really enjoy Chris’ upbeat attitude and his humor. He really has made me feel at home here.” – John Jordan, Freedom’s Path Hines resident

“Chris is a great guy. He runs the building very well and has helped me every time I have asked him.” – Joseph Melaniphy, Freedom’s Path Hines resident