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River Oaks District: Not Just Shopping

Pinnacle Living River Oaks Jazz Jams, Tuck Room, Swanky Theatre and HopDoddy Burgers

It’s easy to see River Oaks District as a retail playground for Houston’s uber-wealthy – because it certainly is that! From Chopard to Cartier, Dior and Hermès, luxury awaits just inside the sleek limestone and glass storefronts of this exclusive “shopping environment.” However, it might be a mistake to mark if off your excursion list just because you aren’t in the mood to splash mega amounts of cash. Here are some hidden gems tucked inside River Oaks, ones that sparkle and shine for very different reasons.

Tuck Room

Chances are pretty high that you’ve never been to a 1920s speakeasy – but would you really want to? Here’s your chance to find out, at the Tuck Room in River Oaks District. It’s a thoroughly modern version, but undeniably a clandestine-style speakeasy with Prohibition-themed libations and gastro-lounge “social plates” for sharing.

When they say handcrafted cocktails at the Tuck Room, they don’t just mean different ways of tossing around familiar ingredients. It’s a whole new concept with concoctions like the Bees Knees, made from local Texas favorites such as Balcones blue-corn whiskey, Texas wildflower honey, and black-currant meade from Griffin Apiary.

Just Jam Jazz Nights

There’s way more to Tuck Room than cocktails – how about some of the best live jazz music in Houston? Gather up some friends and go for the music alone; it’s well worth the effort, and you can even make reservations online to make sure you get a table. The Just Jam Jazz Nights take place every Wednesday from 6 to 10 pm and Friday from 6 to 11 pm. Go early for small-plates, or stay late for the “10 after 10” late-night bar bites.

Hopdoddy Burgers

With a trademarked catch phrase of “Good Karma Never Tasted So Good,” the Austin-based burgermeisters at Hopdoddy set themselves up for critique. But judging from raves by celebrity grill-fans such as Jimmy Kimmel and Rachel Ray, they’re raising the burger bar in Houston. Three things are all you need to know about Hopdoddy: Angus burgers, handcrafted milkshakes and Kennebec hand-cut fries.

iPIC Theatres

Forget the concept of sticky floors, greasy popcorn and threadbare velvet seats from the 1960s. The movie experience at iPIC Theatres comes in two styles: Premium and Premium Plus. We’re talking reclining leather seats, blankets and pillows, and push-button “ninja” servers at your beck and call. Special delivery to your seat includes gourmet meals by a James Beard Award-winning chef, or any number of premium snacks and drinks.

Choosing your own lifestyle is what it’s all about in Houston. Check out one of our apartment communities today, and remember to ask about move-in specials.