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2017 Lifestyle and Design Trends

small-apartment-storageLet’s face it, we’re living in an era of convenience. No matter your age or stage in life, apartment dwelling these days is all about striking the perfect balance between work and home life. We are seeing more and more people migrate towards a convenient urban lifestyle – one that offers less commute time and easier access to amenities such as restaurants, shops, public transport hubs and more.

Another factor residents are having to contend with is shrinking floor space. This leads to a significant change in the functionality of furniture, with furnishings becoming more versatile and multifunctional. For example, a dresser isn’t necessarily just a place to store your clothing, but can also serve as a TV stand or mini photo display area — eliminating the need for a separate nightstand. Similarly, beds with storage drawers can help create a cozy yet minimal look in the bedroom, where space is so often of critical consideration.

Storage is always key when living in a small space, so add pieces to your rooms that can store books, household goods and items you only use a few times a year. From your living room table to kitchen seating, to your sofa or office desk, there are always options to help maximize space and design. Glass-on-glass storage pieces are a great consideration for apartment living because they’re not heavy and give the illusion of being invisible in a room. Be smart about your design layout so that you’re living space can be both comfortable and functional.

To make a space appear larger than it is, interior layouts need to be open and multifunctional, and we are seeing more of this in apartment units today. Consider a round counter height table for your eating space – it doesn’t take up a lot of room and provides a visual interest to your design. Bar stools versus kitchen chairs can also save on space while creating modern minimalism. Need a place to put down your cocktail when entertaining friends, but can’t fit a traditional coffee table? Place a bench in front of your sofa to save on floor space. The bench can also serve as additional seating when you have a larger crowd gathered in your home. Additionally, a dining table can be used as your work space to maximize square footage.

With screen time usage being at an all-time high, creating chill-out spaces at home where we can connect to our devices is becoming increasingly popular. Relaxed furniture in natural textures like cerused oak, and functional fabrics like microfiber and faux leather, come into play in these “escape” nooks. Settees, loveseats and daybeds can be space-saving alternatives to a sofa for small spaces. Cozy them up with fresh linen slips, oversized cushions or a soft sheepskin throw.

Incorporate some of these 2017 design trends to maximize your living space and increase the functionality of your apartment.


Guest blog contributed by CORT