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Bathroom Storage Hacks for Keeping Things Tidy

Bathroom HacksStorage is key when it comes to living in smaller spaces. This is particularly important in bathrooms, which is often the smallest space in an apartment unit. You can make the most of your small bathroom by incorporating a few key items that will keep things tidy and well organized. Here are a few storage hacks to consider.

Personalize with Shelves

Utilize the vertical space in your bathroom by adding floating shelves. Store toiletries, hand towels or beauty products in these shelves to create room under the sink for other grooming essentials. Fill the extra shelf space with fun accessories such as greenery, clocks, pictures and more to help create visual interest and personalize your bathroom.

Not Your Momma’s Mason Jars

When you think of mason jars, it may bring back memories of your mom using them for canning fruits and vegetables, but have you ever considered using them to organize your bathroom? Not only can mason jars be a fun, creative enhancement to your design scheme, but they’re also great for small-space storage options to hold makeup brushes, toothbrushes, cotton balls and Q-tips.

No Shoes Allowed

There’s nothing better than taking an item meant for one purpose and using it for something completely different. Take a shoe-holder, for example. The name clearly states it is to hold shoes, right? But what if you attached it to the back of your bathroom door or inside a cabinet to hold bathroom essentials – doesn’t that sound like a better use? The pockets are great for holding makeup, soaps, creams, razors, styling products and more! Think about the extra counter or cabinet space you’ll have by placing some of your everyday items in a shoe pocket!

Basket Case

Who doesn’t love a good basket? There are so many types to choose from – wire baskets, rope baskets, wicker baskets, seagrass and even bamboo! Baskets are always welcome in bathroom décor. No more putting the toilet paper or tissues on the back of the toilet – just put the extra rolls in a basket! They’re also great to store hand towels for easy access for your guests. Baskets can add texture and warmth to your space, while also serving as a key storage option.

The size of your bathroom doesn’t have to keep you from having a well-organized and functional space. Consider some of the tips to set you on the right track for keeping necessities neat, but accessible.