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Best Bites Jacksonville

Best Bites JacksonvillePoutine, Szechuan Fish, Maple Street Biscuits and Kickback Corndogs

The term “foodie” gets tossed around these days like a trendy in-the-know secret, but the truth is that foodie destinations are nothing more than awesome places to eat. Jacksonville has more than its fair share, and we don’t mind spilling the beans on the best bites in The Jax.

Beach Road Chicken Dinners

Florida is at its core a Southern-living enclave with its own twist on how to have an old-fashioned fry-up. There’s nowhere better for finger-lickin-chicken than Beach Road Chicken Dinners, a Jacksonville tradition since 1939. You’ll get all the comfort-food sides, including creamed peas, mashed potatoes, fried squash and fried okra. Pick up a half-pint of local honey and a whole cobbler to go.

Black Sheep: Poutine

There’s a lot to love at Black Sheep, but it’s all about the poutine here. The chef starts with “standard” poutine ingredients of hand-cut fries and cheese curds, but then takes it to a different universe by smothering the plate with his own smoked short-rib gravy. Everything is fresh and handcrafted, made from local Florida and Georgia produce, seafood, meats and dairy.  

The Fish Company: Szechuan Fish

Fresh seafood and oysters is a given at The Fish Company, which would be enough by anyone’s standards. However, the star of the show at this Atlantic Beach shiner is the Szechuan Fish. It doesn’t matter what kind of fresh fish they use, it’s the “five spices” that make this dish pop. It’s seared (though you can ask for a well-cooked version) and then plopped atop fresh spinach and soba noodles.

Kickbacks: Corndogs

Kickbacks Gastropub in the King Street entertainment district has a lot going on for foodie fans, including its sister steam-punk bar with the best name ever: Goozlepipe & Guttyworks. But kudos go to the owners for knowing what their customers want – and it’s corndogs. Old-school snacking with new-school beers on tap (180 of them) does the trick at Kickbacks.

Maple Street Biscuit Company: “The Five Biscuit”

Breakfast out in Jacksonville pretty much means snagging a coveted seat at Maple Street Biscuit Company. Feel free to peruse the menu, but don’t even think about ordering anything but The Five Biscuit. There’s no need to explain it; just listing the five ingredients should suffice: flaky homemade biscuit, bacon, fried chicken breast, cheddar cheese and spicy sausage gravy. Done deal.

Azurea: Long Line Catch 3 Ways

Sometimes you want to fine-dine in superior style, and Azurea has you covered with an elegant beachfront table. The menu changes seasonally, but a specialty of Chef Jay Mendoza is his Long Line Catch 3 Ways. No need to make up your mind, as you get to taste all three: grilled fish with a tropical fruit salpicon, bronzed with citrus butter emulsion, and beignet-battered with smoked Vidalia remoulade.

Living in a Pinnacle apartment community in Jacksonville puts you in arm’s reach of some of Florida’s best foodie enclaves. Stop by today for a tour and to learn about current move-in specials.