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Eclectic Museum Treasures in Phoenix

Musical Instruments, Hall of Flame, Police Jalopies and Native Arts We all love museums, but let’s face it: some deserve their “stuffy” reputations. Not so much in Phoenix! Even the most prestigious institutions have quirky cultural collections from time to time – but it’s the small unsung museums that provide some of the most interesting

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Comfort Food Cafes: Charlotte Style

Flying Biscuits, Soul Food Kitchens, and Roaming Forks We all find comfort in different ways – and they usually involve food. When it’s time for a little (or a lot) of hearty down-home comfort food, Charlotte has you covered. Or smothered, sizzled, deep-fried, smoked, pulled and dipped in flour, butter or gravy. Here’s where to

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Fall Family Fun Days in Charlotte

Pet Parades, Farm Frolics and Horse-Drawn Hayrides Charlotte is big on family fun any time of the year, but autumn cranks out some of the best old-fashioned events for the little ones. We’re talking lots of hay, farm frolics and animals – from frisky horses to playful pets and the barnyard-petting variety. Some are one-off events

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Quirky San Jose

Supersize Monopoly, Mystery Houses and Egyptian Mummies Every city has its peculiarities, but San Jose features them in a big way – as in giant outdoor chess games and one of the largest permanent monopoly games on the planet. The “big” picture evolves when you throw in a firearms-themed mystery house and some Egyptian mummies.

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Culture for Kids

Museums, Theater and Drive-in Flicks In a city that’s ripe for burgeoning mindsets, it’s no surprise that kid’s activities have some serious cultural backbone. Check out these venues that somehow make learning and playtime pretty much the same thing. Children’s Musical Theater Although CMT puts on shows for all ages, it’s a sure bet that the

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Get Fit San Jose

Soul-cycling, Marathon Training, SUP Yoga In a state that sometimes seems obsessed with fitness, San Jose stands out for innovative ways to actually enjoy pursuing a healthy lifestyle. It’s not a surprise to find people who think outside the box in Silicon Valley, but sometimes you need a few active cohorts to keep the proverbial ball

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September Festivals in San Jose

San Jose has no time limits for the festival season, with some of the best ones holding out until autumn. September plays host to frolicking fun on multiple levels, so don’t put away your festival blankets and sunscreen just yet. Here is just a sample of the food- and music-fueled revelry still to come in

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