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Neighborhoods of the World: Celebrating Diversity at Navy Pier

Folk Music, Food, Dance and Crafts from Brazil, China and Poland Navy Pier is like the Proud Papa of Chicago, embracing the talents and eccentricities of its diverse population. In February, Crystal Gardens at the pier flings its arms wide open for Neighborhoods of the World, an annual tribute to multiculturalism. Featuring folk music, ethnic cuisine,

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Chicago in February: Special Events

Orchids, Science Fiction, Film Festivals and Cider Tasting  Chicago is a city that keeps right on going through even the chilliest of winters. In fact, some of the best events, exhibitions and festivals take place in February, when life revolves around the “great indoors.” From film to sci-fi, winter blossoms and cider-soaks, there’s plenty to keep

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Mardi Gras in Chicago

Brazilian Mardi Gras, BeadQuest, Mardi Gras Bash and Cajun Cooking Class Chicago loves an excuse to party, and there’s nothing like a splashy, colorful Mardi Gras celebration to brighten up cloudy February days. From exotic masks to jambalaya, samba and beads galore, here’s where to join Chicago’s lively carnival events. BeadQuest February 10, 2018 Wrigleyville The TBOX crew knows

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Winter Fun in NYC

Anyone who lives in New York City can confirm its moniker of “The City That Never Sleeps.” Winter is no exception, with a parade of activities keeping things lively until spring pops out again. From ice-skating to jazz festivals and exotic botanical gardens, here are some of the best ideas for winter fun in NYC.

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Winter Restaurant Week NYC

You could live in New York City for a lifetime and never eat your way through the plentiful plethora of first-class cuisine in every corner, cubbyhole, high-rise, hotel and alleyway across the Big Apple. That’s why snagging a reservation for Restaurant Week NYC is the best to try myriad world-famous dishes for a fraction of

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The Great Indoors: NYC Art Museums

Gone are the days when museums, even world-famous ones in New York City, fill their space with yawn-provoking exhibits from the dustbins of history. When skies are gray and winds chill to the bone, turn to these whimsical, thought-provoking art museums in the Big Apple. Metropolitan Museum of Art Known affectionately as “The Met,” New York’s Metropolitan

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River Oaks District: Not Just Shopping

Jazz Jams, Tuck Room, Swanky Theatre and HopDoddy Burgers It’s easy to see River Oaks District as a retail playground for Houston’s uber-wealthy – because it certainly is that! From Chopard to Cartier, Dior and Hermès, luxury awaits just inside the sleek limestone and glass storefronts of this exclusive “shopping environment.” However, it might be a

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Quirky Houston: Hidden Eccentricities

Houston may exude a contemporary sophistication, but that doesn’t stop people from going out on a sometimes-quirky limb. From underground tunnels to listening vessels, vintage clothing lounges, whimsical mosaics and even a beer-can house, there’s a subtle humor that lets you know: We do things our own way here in Houston! Leopard Lounge Starting with an iconic

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