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City Hiking Trails in Vegas

City Hiking Trails in Vegas

Old Spanish Trail Park, Springs Preserve, Lone Mountain, Union Pacific Railroad Trail

Sometimes you need a time-out when you live in Las Vegas, even if just a quiet hour away from the bright lights and action we love/hate on a daily basis. Fortunately, it’s not all concrete and neon if you know where to go. Here are some in-city hiking and walking trails that give you that breathe-in, breathe-out refresher without leaving the city limits.

Springs Preserve

Just a 15-minute drive from the Vegas Strip, you can fall headlong into the nature and nurture of Springs Preserve. Within the 180-acres oasis, you can enjoy a lush walking trail filled with native desert foliage, birds, animals and cactus plants as well as at least 400 trees and plants. The onsite botanical gardens harbor a butterfly habitat, and the Nevada State Museum reveals the intricacies of Nevada’s geology and ecology. After your hike, stop for food and drink at the preserve’s Divine Café.

Lone Mountain Trail

Depending on your energy level or need for a breather, you can hike or stroll for 30 minutes or two hours on the Lone Mountain Trail. Head over to the Northwest side of Vegas for 360-degree views of the valley and a moderate-level walking trail. Take along a friend to watch the sunset from dedicated overlook areas. Note: you’ll need a flashlight to make your way back along the trail to the parking lot.

Union Pacific Railroad Trail

Give a nod to heritage and history when hiking the Union Pacific Railroad Trail, which starts just 15 minutes from the Vegas Strip. The old rail tracks are still there, but the trail now winds through the lush Acacia Park in Henderson. There’s plenty to keep you entertained along this trail as it winds past streets, neighborhoods and even casinos. But the Acacia Demonstration Gardens also line the path and feature native flowers, cactus and trees with spectacular views of Black Mountain.

Old Spanish Trail Park

The 2,700-mile Old Spanish Trail is part of American history and expansion, running for 2,700 miles and crossing state lines. But Las Vegas is lucky to have a portion of the old trail preserved within Old Spanish Trail Park, as it runs from Las Vegas Springs to the foot of Red Rock cliffs. The walking trail has informational signposts and shady picnic spots as well as a Western-themed playground for little hikers. You can even hike after sunset on trails lit by antique-style lanterns.

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