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Comfort Food Cafes: Charlotte Style

Photo of Meal from Price’s Chicken CoopFlying Biscuits, Soul Food Kitchens, and Roaming Forks

We all find comfort in different ways – and they usually involve food. When it’s time for a little (or a lot) of hearty down-home comfort food, Charlotte has you covered. Or smothered, sizzled, deep-fried, smoked, pulled and dipped in flour, butter or gravy. Here’s where to get it all, piled up high and ready to fly.

Flying Biscuit

If there’s anything more comforting than a warm buttered biscuit, I don’t know what it would be. Judging by the 5,000 biscuits that go marching out of the Flying Biscuit ovens every week, there’s a whole lot of people in Charlotte who agree. You can have them with creamy-dreamy grits, chicken sausage gravy, stacked with wood-smoked salmon, or any which-a-way your heart desires. If you have any room left, loosen up your belt and order the award-winning shrimp-and-grits.

Mert’s Heart and Soul

At Mert’s Southern comfort food means a lot of things, but mostly it’s deep-fried catfish and cornbread dripping with homemade butter. Just order that and be done with it – or check the menu for other oldie-goldies like fried green tomatoes, mac-and-cheese, okra and salmon cakes.


Dish is appropriately named since they dish out comfort-on-a-plate all day long in Plaza Midwood. From country-fried steak to chicken ‘n’ dumplings and Sunday pot roast, this is where to put the “South in your Mouth.” Every meal comes with a homemade biscuit and a deviled egg. But it’s what comes after that really steals the show: the pies. Go back often, and try of them.

Price’s Chicken Coop

Nothing says home cookin’ like a big iron skillet sizzling up a plate of mama-style fried chicken. Anyone in Charlotte who lives for “kicking the chikin knows to come to Price’s Chicken Coop on Camden Road. All plate dinners come with hush puppies and coleslaw, and are best topped off with a slice of fried sweet potato pie.  

Crown Point Restaurant

At the Crown, it’s all about the squash. They do it fried, and don’t even think about asking for a healthier version. People who’ve been eating squash at the Crown Point Restaurant for more than 30 years will tell you that it’s the best vegetable you’ll ever put in your mouth. They do also make some things to go with it, like hand-cut pork chops and chicken livers.

Lupie’s Café

Lupie’s on Monroe Road wins for the best chili, mostly because they aren’t sticklers for doing it just one hard-and-fast way. They know that everyone has their own versions of comfort-chili, so they make Texas and Cincinnati styles as well as vegetarian and various Southern versions. They also know how to make each night special; for example, Mondays are for meatloaf and Thursdays are devoted to homemade chicken-and-dumplings.


Pinky’s deserves a spot on any Charlotte comfort food list just for the sheer audacity of creating something that’s known as “ding dong style.” It happens to a burger, and it involves crunchy peanut butter, hot Sirarcha sauce and honey cilantro slaw. Strangely enough, it’s comforting to an alarming number of people.

Roaming Forks

Back before food trucks were a thing, Chef Jen (also known as the Truck Boss) loaded up her truck with a Charlotte-style twist on Southern comfort food – and hit the highway. Roaming Forks now traverses the streets, landing in spots like Ballantine and South Park, where fan-followers scoop up her smoked meatloaf, fried deviled eggs and house-made pimento cheese balls. For those who get their comfort quotient from Carolina Q, she also does a 12-hour hickory-smoked pulled pork that’s worth the wait.

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