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Public Art in Atlanta

Murals, Street Art, Exhibitions and Living Walls

Mural Painting Wall Art in AtlantaThroughout the ATL metropolis, an urban outdoor scene explodes with color and art from the multi-generational, multi-ethnic and enormously talented Atlanta population. From the Beltline to Krog Tunnel, Westside and pop-up creations in practically every neighborhood, it’s hard to miss the massive amount of creative energy brewing and bubbling to the surface. Here are some of the best spots to troll for free art in all seasons.  

Art on the Atlanta Beltline

Criss-crossing about 20 in-city communities, the Atlanta Beltline is a perfect snapshot of the city’s eclectic creators. Visual artists, street performers and musicians contribute to a constantly evolving outdoor public art scene. Murals, sculptures and metal arts blend with poetry, spoken-word presentations, circus arts, drama, dance and even pop-up opera. Unique projects include the quirky Paper Ghost Fortune Machine, an interactive live drawing booth with two Atlanta illustrators drawing fortunes for guests who drop a token into a slot. Special events throughout the year range from a lantern parade, photography exhibit for the civil rights movement, and performances by the Atlanta Alliance Theatre and Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

Krog Street Tunnel

Mural lovers beeline to Krog Street Tunnel to see the latest spectacular paintings and graffiti, which can look totally different from one day to the next. Take a leisurely stroll or bike ride to Inman Park or Cabbagetown via the tunnel, and make sure to find the murals at CSX Hulsey rail yard along Wylie Street. The tunnel is also home to an impromptu pop-art collection of festival flyers, tags, quotes and message boards posted by the community over time. From inspiration to philosophy, politics and “art for art’s sake,” it’s the perfect place to gauge the heart of Atlanta’s diverse communities.

Living Walls

Living Walls, the City Speaks is far from impromptu street art even though it inhabits the same kind of spaces. Some of the most vibrant and cutting-edge artists from across the globe converge upon Atlanta neighborhoods every year to create outdoor masterpieces on about 100 buildings. They immerse themselves into the culture and lifestyle of the community in which their thought-provoking art will live, resulting in an authentic slice of Atlanta life. The idea is to provoke social change while transforming and activating public space. Download the Living Walls app for a detailed mural-to-mural route by bike or car.

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