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Coziest Coffee and Cocoa Spots in MSP

Coziest Coffee and Cocoa spots in MSPIt’s easy to start a raging debate when discussing the best coffee and cocoa spots in the Mini Apple – and for good reason. There’s just too many to count, and they’re all pretty darn good. But if we’re going for the coziness factor and down-home fuzzy feelings, that’s another story. Winter time is when to get real and get comfy in these local favorite gathering places.

Isles, Buns and Coffee

With a name like Isles, Buns and Coffee, who can resist ducking into this cozy little spot on West 28th? Yes, the original-blend coffee is awesome. But the real secret here is the gigantic cinnamon buns baked from scratch in the onsite open kitchen. The whole place has been dubbed “Sweet as Grandma,” and nobody would even think of arguing that point. And let’s also just say: homemade cookies and puppy-dog tails.

Corner Coffee

Some cities have their classic corner grocery stores and corner pubs, but in Minneapolis, we like our corners (real or metaphoric) filled with caffeine and pumping out live music. That’s what you get in the two Corner Coffee locations in Uptown and the North Loop. Well-worn leather sofas invite some curling up with books, steaming cups of hot cocoa, and a friend or two.

Riverview Café

If you like your go-to coffee spot to morph when the sun goes down, then you better start warming up to Riverview Café on 43nd Avenue. It buzzes all day with java-induced energy but mellows out like a fine wine at night. That’s because there really is fine wine flowing to the tunes of local songmasters and finger-thumping acoustic geniuses. Winter is the coziest time of all, with romantic fireside lounging, wine flights and craft-cheese tasting.

Wilde Café and Spirits

The call of the wild at this Northeast Minneapolis café is less about wild parties and more about the spirit of its namesake, Oscar Wilde. With a nod to the eccentric and a value on the arts, Wilde Café and Spirits haunts its Main Street abode with warm spirited espresso drinks and earthy wines hand-chosen for its clientele. Regardless of what you choose to sip on, make sure you’re sitting on the Chesterfield couch within spitting distance of that gorgeous 1900’s-era fireplace.

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