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Cozy-up Coffee Spots in Austin

Cozy-up Coffee Spots in Austin

As cliché as it may sound, there’s a reason the words “cozy” and “coffee” roll off the lips so easily. No matter the weather, we all look for that home-away-from-home feeling when snuggling up with a cup of hot java or steaming cocoa. If just so happens that Austin has made an art out of the coffeehouse ritual, and you’ll find just about every version seeping (and steeping) throughout the city. Here are a few spots you’ll want on your go-to caffeine list.

Machine Head Coffee

9003 Waterford Centre Blvd

If this name sounds familiar in a mobile kind of way, that’s because it was born as a coffee trailer before growing up. Machine Head Coffee now plays with the big boys and girls, pumping out some of the best espressos and macchiatos in North Burnet. Earthy natural-wood tables and counters juxtaposed with neon signage create just the right mix of retro and cozy-up cool for getting your day off and running. If that’s not enough rise-and-shine motivation, take note: it’s hooked to the second incarnation of Veracruz All Natural eatery, home to some darn good breakfast tacos.

Epoch Coffee

221 W North Loop Blvd

Epoch Coffee is no stranger to the mocha crowd in Austin, pulling the perfect mix of cocoa and caffeine, then topping it with some art-in-a-cup. The North Loop location is for those of us who like to tuck into a coffee corner while the rest of the city is sleeping. It’s open 24/7 and isn’t shy about doling out rib-sticking rolls and pastries at all hours. But you’ll have to wait til daybreak for the breakfast tacos. Invite your friends, book club or poetry-reading cohorts for get-togethers around the massive wood tables.

The Buzz Mill

1505 Town Creek Drive

It’s all about a sense of community of The Buzz Mill in East Riverside. Focusing on a two-mile radius they call “the neighborwoods,” the folks behind The Buzz Mill believe in creating space for people to learn, do, make, think and dream – all while enjoying great coffee, food and spirits. You’re welcome to just sip, swirl and cozy up with a good book, or invite some friends for the monthly Camp Cinema. It’s a night for film geeks, witsters and brainiacs to take in some avant-gard flicks while supporting local charities. Call it a fort, a lumber society, a buzz mill or just a plain-ole coffee shop; all are welcome and the java is good.

Cafe Nena’i

1700 Montopolis Drive

Finally, there’s a place in Austin where down-home and down-south mean stretching your geographical imagination. Café Nena’I is a South American bakery on the East side with Paraguayan and Argentine roots that somehow spread into a menu influenced by Cuba and Venezuela. Cuban coffee is the sweet spot at this café, so don’t be shy: order a Cuban cafecito with sweet crema seeping into really strong espresso.

Bring some friends for a Colada sharing ceremony, which features up to six shots of cafecito in small demitasse cups, accompanied by buttered and toasted Cuban bread. Order some Paraguayan chipa cheese bread on the side, and then stay over for arroz con leche rice dessert with cinnamon or a bollo doughnut filled with guava or dulce de leche.

Regardless of where you like to sip your java, you’ll have plenty of options when living in Austin. Stop by one of our Austin apartment communities today to find your new home!