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Cozy Up at Home: 3 Fun and Fruitful Things to Do

Young woman using digital tablet
Young woman using digital tablet

Everyone loves to cozy up at home with a good book and warm cuppa Joe. Regardless of the circumstances, some “alone time” with family (or yourself!) can be just the rejuvenating influence you need. From fun movie flings to redecorating your kitchen or even brainstorming on that business plan you’ve been dreaming of, here’s a handful of ideas for putting downtime to good use.

Get Free Delivery from Local Indie Book Shops

Here’s your chance to read an old classic or new thriller from cover to cover. Indie book shops across the country are offering free delivery (some even with curbside neighborhood drop-offs) for a limited time. For example, Paper Boat Booksellers in Seattle and A Capella Books in Atlanta, which specializes in high-quality used and antique books, are offering free delivery to local neighborhood homes. Obviously, eBooks drop instant reading opportunities into your lap, and even chain bookstores often cater to your bookish fantasies within a 3- to 4-day shipping frame.

Freshen Up Your Kitchen – and Your Menu

Remember the days when all life revolved around the family kitchen? Bring that back, starting now. Begin by refreshing your kitchen décor in simple ways: order some fresh and colorful dish towels online; update cabinet handles and drawer pulls (which you can easily convert back to the originals when necessary); splurge on a new inexpensive kitchen gadget; or even better, support a struggling artist by purchasing foodie-themed art in online marketplaces such as Etsy.

And while you’re in there, pore through your cookbooks and find a new recipe to try. Alternatively, log onto a famous chef’s website or click through cooking videos to get culinary tips and new twists on all-time favorite family recipes.

Nudge That Lurking Entrepreneurial Spirit

Ever dreamed of opening your own business, selling your secrets through an online blog, or peddling your hand-carved walking sticks to aging hikers across the globe? Whether it’s a tongue-in-cheek “grand idea” or a serious business venture you’ve wanted to launch for years, all it takes is a handful of days at home to actually turn that passion into a reality. So, start with a blank piece of paper (or screen page) and let the ideas roll. Another option is to sign up for an online class; many have free options, including libraries, major universities or arts organizations.

However you choose to spend days off, having a home base that you love is key. Check out our apartment communities in your city today and be sure to ask about move-in specials and availability.