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Creating the Perfect Reading Nook

Reading Nook 4For many, reading provides a much-needed escape. Books have the ability to educate, as well as entertain, opening the door for the reader to enter alternate realities with infinite possibilities. However, any book-lover will tell you the setting in which they read makes all the difference.

If you share your apartment with a roommate, spouse or children, finding a quiet and relaxing place to read may be a challenge. Rather than move from one spot to another to avoid interruptions, create a reading nook that sends the message that when you’re snuggled up with your latest novel, please do not disturb! Here are a few tips to get you started.

Pick a spot

Before picking out furniture and accessories for your reading space, you’ll first need to choose a location. Which room do you currently spend the most time? Do you plan on taking advantage of natural light during the day? Would you prefer the main living space where everyone could access your nook, or are you looking for solitude? These are all questions to ask to determine the ideal setting for your reading space.

Find the right lighting

Once you’ve chosen a spot in your apartment, you can begin creating the space. If you’ve decided to utilize natural sunlight to make reading easier on the eyes, you’ll still need a light source once the sun goes down. Whether you’re going for a refined, polished look, or something more eccentric, your stylistic vision can be achieved with a lamp. With so many colors and designs to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect light to set the tone for your nook. Once you’ve found the perfect lamp, consider pairing it with an end table to place your beverage and snack of choice during your reading session.

Select your furnishings

Arguably the most important feature of any reading nook is the furniture selection. If you envision yourself laying down while flipping through pages, consider adding a beanbag chair or futon mattress. If your goal is to cozy up in a chair, explore your options to find the ideal style and comfort to fit your needs. A recliner might be the right choice if you have enough space and are looking to stretch out your legs. If you’re restricted on space, check out smaller options that are in line with your vision. Regardless of the furniture you select, add plenty of pillows and blankets to maximize comfort.

Spring or fall, night or day, there’s never a bad time to check out and dive into a book. Have vision in mind? With the right spot, lighting and furniture, you can create your own perfect reading nook to unwind with your favorite book.