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Be Dedicated – Kerria Dimmen

Be Dedicated - Kerria DimennKerria Dimenn, Senior Revenue Manager

Pinnacle identified character traits we feel are extraordinarily important for successful leaders. Then, we selected individuals who embody those traits to feature at the 2019 Annual Leadership Conference. Kerria Dimenn was chosen for Dedication. Here is her story:

Dedicated team members are infused with a special combination of accountability, motivation, and genuine love for what they do. The sun often sets before they leave the office each day because they immerse in a project and lose track of time. Notoriously helpful people, co-workers admire them and clients depend on them. This describes Kerria Dimenn to a T.

When Pinnacle hired Kerria in 2006, her property-level experience was definitely a plus. Once a Property Manager for a student asset in Austin, she had great exposure into the multifamily business before moving to a corporate role. Kerria eventually became a jack-of-all trades in our Dallas headquarter office. She applied her skills as an office manager, administrative assistant, supporter of the regional operators and so much more. After showing a real prowess for analysis, Kerria was identified as a perfect candidate for our growing revenue management department.

Jump ahead eight years and Kerria is now a Senior Revenue Manager and leader on the six-person team. A true pricing expert, she has an inexhaustible energy for making adjustments that can turn under-producing properties into revenue positive investments. Her consult is sought both inside our company and out – even by clients who do not contract for Pinnacle’s revenue management services. This is because Kerria will slice and dice a problem until the best course of action is discovered. It takes real time and ingenuity to arrive at her conclusions.

Kerria has also become somewhat of an amenities expert. She can visit a property and recognize if an amenity is priced for the market, or if a unit is priced correctly because of its location in the community. Team members have brought her into rehab consultations, and even changed course based on her recommendations. She dissects every detail for its potential value, whether that be high or low, and tweaks revenue adjustments from every angle until the customer is satisfied and revenue goals are met – no matter how long that takes.  

If a client requires Kerria to tackle tasks the old fashioned way, she will skip automated reports and work off of spreadsheets, inputting information by hand. She has also been known to sit in on calls about properties that are not even in her portfolio. Kerria wants nothing in return other than the satisfaction of knowing she was able to help.

Now don’t think that Kerria is all work and no play. She loves to travel with her husband and enjoys spending time with her two dogs and friends. But dedication will always be her middle name. That’s just how she rolls.