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Be Flexible – Seth Kaplan

Be Flexible – Seth KaplanSeth Kaplan, Regional Marketing Director

Pinnacle identified character traits we feel are extraordinarily important for successful leaders. Then, we selected individuals who embody those traits to feature at the 2019 Annual Leadership Conference. Seth Kaplan was chosen for Flexibility. Here is his story:

Having a truly flexible mindset is a rare talent. When people set goals or take on tasks, challenges always emerge. It’s a given. This is why flexible team members like Seth Kaplan are so valuable. He figures out how to navigate the day-to-day obstacles that seemingly appear out of nowhere and makes it look easy to carry on. This trait has helped make him a top performer at Pinnacle.

Seth was flexible from the start. After only one year on the job, he earned a relatively quick promotion at the end of 2018 to Regional Marketing Director. This was not by chance. He had demonstrated amazing creativity and leadership qualities and was already managing difficult projects on his own. What catapulted Seth’s career path was a willingness to change plans without hesitation for the greater good of the team — like the time he dropped everything and went cross-country for a pitch over 3,000 miles away.

A new business opportunity arose in Portland, far from his home base in Maitland. Marketing was a hot button for this particular pitch but prior calendar commitments made it impossible for the West Coast representative or anyone higher up to attend. Seth did not hesitate to move around his own plans and kick into action. His adaptability and ingenuity were perfectly in sync for that project and he crafted a uniquely compelling story to position the new luxury development for success. Even though his timeline was quick, Seth’s integration with the pitch process was flawless as well.

The thing is, when unpredictable circumstances come his way, Seth still manages to achieve his own scheduled goals. Earlier this year he had several properties opening in South Florida, a few new business deadlines, team meetings and other day-to-day responsibilities all happening at once. In came another opportunity. A big one. Seth was asked to pinch hit as a presenter at the Nuveen Property Management Summit in Orlando. He researched and wrote an interesting and fact-filled piece about the evolution of marketing in the digital age that was not only commended by our client but was applauded by his own team members and industry peers as well. And while he dug in to put this presentation together, he never skipped a beat with his regular scheduling. Ever.

Seth instinctively masters a work/life balance that preserves time for his wife and toddler son, family, friends, athletics and more while he juggles all aspects of marketing for our properties in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, The Carolinas and Tennessee. His flexibility allows him to embrace everything life throws at him and stay focused on the important stuff. What a gift!