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Food Halls and Supper Nights in Long Beach

Food Halls and Supper Nights in Long Beach

In a world where dining trends toward local, fresh and homemade, it’s no surprise that eateries in Long Beach are digging deep to find the heart of regional cuisine. Even when featuring recipes from across the country, California-style “comfort food” reinvents itself in the food halls and supper menus spanning Belmont Heights to East Village, PCH and everywhere in-between. 

Supper Time at The Attic 

The Attic is well-known for morning feasts such as chicken-and-waffles, but this Southern Cal twist on comfort food sizzles up the skillet in new ways when the sun sets over Belmont Heights. While cozying up in the 1920s-style home hosting this local eatery, you’ll see steaming plates of shrimp-and-grits and chicken pot pies get plopped down with aplomb by someone who makes you miss your mama. 

California-grown veggies get tossed in the mix with “zoodle” pasta made from zucchini noodles smothered in piquillo sauce. But the most endearing concoction you’d normally only eat in the privacy of your own kitchen at 2:00 in the morning is The Attic’s own “Flaming Mac and Cheetos” made with, obviously, a whole lot of cheese and crushed flaming-hot Cheetos. 

SteelCraft Food Hall  

At Steelcraft Food Hall, it’s all about communal dining spaces and “breaking bread” together regardless of what kind of food you like. That’s because it’s a mish-mash of local eateries dishing out their own specialties in the Bixby Knolls neighborhood. The names speak for themselves: Waffle Love, Rori’s Artisanal Creamery, Tajima Ramen, Pigpen Delicacy, Smog City Brewing and more.  

This urban eatery sprang to life by repurposing shipping containers into a community spot for craft food, drinks and gatherings. Don’t be surprised to find lots of things going on, especially on weekends with live music, curated pop-up shops, art shows, yoga or game-watch parties. But it really is about the food at SteelCraft, with open hours only until 9 p.m. on weekdays and 10 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays.

The original SteelCraft perches on the corner of Long Beach Boulevard and Bixby Road, and there are now locations in Bellflower and Garden Grove. 

The Pie Bar

Most people agree that nothing says “home cookin” like warm pie. At The Pie Bar on Pine Avenue, which started as a tiny pop-up shop, the crust and everything tucked inside is handmade from scratch and in small batches. The owner, Laura Gray, still creates every pie recipe, from sweet to savory and hot to cold. 

You can tuck into a warm pot pie or quiche and then move right along to sweet
icebox-style pies like Mississippi Mud, Banana Cream and Key Lime. The best part is that even when you have a full belly, there’s always room for one of Laura’s Cutie Pies served in mini mason jars. And who cares about wine or whiskey flights when you can have pie flights in the form of four perfect little Pie Shots. 

Regardless of where and what you like to eat, you’re just a hop and skip away when living in one of Pinnacle’s Long Beach apartment communities. Drop by for a private tour and to hear about move-in specials.