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Fun and fit in Tampa

Belly Dancing, Clogging and Kettlebells

When days get cooler and nights bring a cozy chill over Tampa Bay, it’s easy to cuddle up at home. But we all know that staying active helps us stay healthy. Fortunately, “creative movement” leaders have made it fun to stay fit in any weather and through every season. From belly dancing to kettlebells and clogging, here are some drop-in groups in Tampa to keep you on the move.

Belly Dancing

The term “belly dance” derives from the French phrase “Danse du ventre,” which means “dance of the stomach. And that’s exactly what it is. The dance technique is known to tone and strengthen muscles while also improving coordination and posture, enhancing natural grace and boosting confidence. At Madrinha Dance in Tampa, the award-winning instructor teaches Egyptian Oriental and Persian dance styles in several levels, from beginner classes to advanced.

The popular Belly Dance Shimmy Fit class is for everyone and includes working with finger cymbals, veils, canes and sticks. You can also request private lessons if you’re feeling a bit shy at first.


Toss out your mental picture of Dutch dancers in wooden clogs, because that’s far from what modern-day clogging is all about. In fact, the art of clogging in America is rooted in the Appalachian Mountains area and is a national folk dance similar to country line dancing or the Irish riverdance. But for most ordinary folks, it’s just a fun way to stay fit while learning a new skill. At Studio of the Arts in Wesley Chapel, you’ll develop your own style of heel-and-toe movements using tap-style footwear that creates a percussive rhythm to the down beat. You can also learn genuine Irish riverdancing at Gilleoghan Irish Dance in Tampa.


Kettlebells are a more graceful way of becoming toned and building varying levels of muscle mass. However, many people, both male and female, choose to work out with kettlebells as a way to improve back strength and develop better balance. Kettlebells are basically cast iron balls with a handle attached at the top, and they come in various weights to accommodate your progress (though it’s perfectly fine to just stay low-key and enjoy the experience at lower weights for as long you wish).

Certified kettlebell leaders offering classes in Tampa include Faizal Enu, who holds group session at Xtreme Athletics and the University of South Florida’s Kettlebell Club. Carrie Kukuda offers kettlebells training at Get A Grip Total Fitness in Lutz as well as locations in South Tampa and Brandon.

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