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Fun and Free: Spring in San Antonio

Fun_and_FreeToss out the notion that a day out in the city is going to whack your wallet into oblivion. San Antonio embraces “fun and free” in a big way, from art to culture parks, museums and even the ghosts of Apache prisoners. Here are a few ways to amble through nature, history and culture without spending a dime.

The Artpace Downtown

At the Artpace in downtown San Antonio, the concept of “fine art” ranges and romps in a playing field all its own. Leaning toward modern art in a wild array of interpretations, this free community-centric art enclave features nine artists every year: three for San Antonio, three from other American communities, and three from far-flung corners of the world. You’ll expand your world view without ever leaving town. If you happen to be artistically inclined yourself, check out the center’s Artist in Residence program.

San Pedro Creek Culture Park

Forward-thinking cultural entrepreneurs have transformed San Pedro Creek into an almost unrecognizable natural habitat with interactive art installations, murals and interpretive signs. There’s never any cost to stroll the new (and constantly evolving) San Pedro Culture Park, which is open to the public every day. Take a picnic and relax on the “12 Generational Benches” of the Plaza de Fundacion, and then stroll the boardwalk to spot thousands of native aquatic plants and ornamental trees. Keep your eyes peeled for vividly colored tile designs, restored bridges and limestone walls etched with poetry by John Phillip Santos.

Tip: Don’t miss the spectacular “Rain from the Heavens” mural.

The Quadrangle and Fort Sam Houston Museum

Walking in the footsteps of Apache leader Geronimo has a strangely fascinating appeal for many people, and they can get that thrill in an odd way at Fort Sam Houston. This is where the legendary Native American warrior and medicine man was imprisoned, along with other Apache prisoners of war. They spent their confinement within the limestone walls of the eight-acre Quadrangle, which is open to visitors at no charge. Wildlife roam freely, rumored to be descendants of the deer and peacocks brought over for the Apaches. It’s an active military base, so be sure to bring a valid ID for entrance.

There’s always plenty to fill your imagination when living in San Antonio. Call today for information about our San Antonio apartment communities and to set up a private tour.