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Guide to Making Your Home Holiday-Ready

Holiday Ready!Halloween is done and dusted, and before you know it the holiday season will be here. Rather than waiting until the last minute to make your apartment holiday-ready, avoid unnecessary stress by starting the process early. The holidays can be a hectic time for everyone, even the most organized of folks. Take time to clean up your apartment, organize your space and take stock of what you need ahead of the holiday mayhem. For some inspiration to get you started, follow our guide to making your home holiday-ready.

1. Plan Ahead

Between travel plans, holiday shopping, annual parties and outoftown visitors, there’s a lot to keep track of during the busy November and December months. Get ahead of the curve by recording your schedule on your phone or favorite calendar app. Make sure to factor in important deadlines and block off days for special activities. When thinking ahead to holiday gifts, consider making your purchases early by taking advantage of seasonal sales and Black Friday deals.

2. Clean Up

When your apartment is a mess, preparing for guests and adding holiday decorations can become a nightmare. Its best to clean first, then decorate. Take a day to clean out your apartment before the holiday craziness begins. Focus on giving the areas that see the most traffic a deeper clean, such as your kitchen, living room and bathrooms. Then simply dust and vacuum the rest of your apartment. Don’t forget to spread out the cleaning responsibilities among everyone you live with.

3. Get Organized

As you cleaned, hopefully you threw out anything that was damaged, broken or hadn’t been used in a very long time. Consider donating unwanted items to your local Goodwill store. Now is also a good time to take stock of essentials you might need ahead of the holiday season. For example, new towels and linens for overnight guests, extra baking trays and supplies, indoor lights or seasonal décor. Make your shopping run smoother by writing lists of the items you need in your smartphone before heading to the store.

4. Make Accommodations for Extra Guests

While most of your holiday guests will likely be scheduled, there’s always a possibility you’ll have unexpected friends or family stopping by at the last minute. Be prepared for this scenarioby making sure you’ll be able to accommodate extra people in your home. Rent or buy a convenient set of nesting tables for your living space. These come in handy for housing drinks, snacks and appetizers. Make extra room on your coat rack (if you have one) and in your shoe area, by storing unused shoes in your bedroom closet. If space is limited for overnight guests, you might need to consider renting or borrowing a foldout bed from a friend.

5. Make Your Holiday Style Your Own

Now is the perfect time to add some holiday flare to your home, but don’t feel you need to copy your ideas straight from a magazine or a book. It’s okay to use your own style to decorate however you want. After all it should be fun, not stressful. Try to incorporate your favorite colors, textures, personal preferences and maybe even some of your childhood traditions when decorating your home. Do you have a one-of-a-kind standout piece that holds a special meaning to you – perhaps a wall picture or a memorable trinket you picked up along your travels? Incorporate your unique style and your favorite items to achieve your personal holiday décor look.

6. Accessorize

Finally, pull out your favorite holiday accessories and show them off to your family and friends. Here’s a handy checklist to get you started:

  • Napkins – Choose your favorite holiday napkins and match them up with your color scheme for an easy, yet effective, way to celebrate every holiday.
  • Aprons – Holiday or seasonal-themed aprons can add a nice touch to anyone’s kitchen, whether you’re a master chef or take-out genius.
  • Hand Towels – Holiday and seasonal-themed hand towels are a great visual around the kitchen, dining area or in your bathroom. Towels can be folded, hung or placed in decorative baskets.
  • Soaps – These days you can easily grab a hand soap to match every holiday out there!
  • Area Rugs – For immediate visual impact, offset a room’s neutral tones with a splash of color using large or small area rugs, depending on the size of the space
  • Throws and pillows – Display your favorite throws and decorative pillows in fall tones likerustic brown, orange, red and yellow, or your favorite cozy fabric.

While the holidays are meant to be enjoyable, they can also cause unwanted stress, strain and drama!

Reduce some of the stress associated with the holidays by getting ahead of the curve and planning in advance. Once you’ve gotten your home cleaned out and organized, take some time to enjoy giving it a fresh, seasonal update you can how off to your family and friends!

Guest blog submitted by CORT