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Indoor Small-Space Gardening in Dallas

Dallas Gardening
Hydroponics, Vertical gardening, Succulents and Living Walls

Who says that gardening requires a large patch of land and a whole lot of free time? Urban dwellers in Dallas can tell you straight up that indoor green thumbs are alive and thriving in apartments and small-space abodes all over the city. Here’s how to learn about so-called “cubicle gardening” and where to get your hydroponics, succulents and vertical gardening gear.



If you’re new to indoor gardening, there’s a whole new vocabulary coming your way. From hydroponics to aeroponics, CO2 systems and climate-controlled grow gear, you can make it as simple or as elaborate as you choose. Green Habitat Hydroponics on Columbia Avenue is a good place to start, as the owners are onsite themselves to give a quick overview of indoor gardening and offer suggestions that fit your own goals. Ask about fans and blowers, nutrients, additives, seed starters, and all the other things you don’t even know exist. Pick up videos, books and info on plant care, and roam around the shop to get ideas on what is possible when you move the outdoors indoors.


Vertical Gardening

Going vertical means you’ll be taking the “no roots in the ground” route, regardless of whether your fantastic new garden is indoors or on a balcony or patio. Check out Pinterest for loads of vertical gardening ideas, especially if you’re the do-it-yourself type or enjoy repurposing everyday items. Utilize natural sunlight from nearby windows to grow kitchen herbs in mason jars dangling from twine; upcycle wood pallets by leaning them against a wall and stuffing them with ripe red raspberries and fragrant year-round rosemary plants; hang a shower caddy or garden rake and fill it with succulents like aloe vera, which can be used for medicinal and beauty care.

TIP: Get loads of vertical gardening ideas at Grapevine Botanical Gardens at Heritage Park. The grounds have scattered displays for freestanding and hanging verticals spilling over with herbs, flowers and plants.


Living Walls

If you want the wow-factor, build a “living wall” in your home. It can be small or cover an entire wall, and it’s even possible to have a professional build one for you, designed especially for your own space. It basically takes special mounting hardware, an irrigation system that protects the wall, and a carefully planned design in which plants are chosen for specific color patterns, heights and care needs, including low-water succulents and understory air plants that draw nutrients from the atmosphere. It sounds more complicated than it is, and maintenance is minimal after installation.

Tip: Cody and Robbie from Terrain Horticultural Design in Dallas can set up a simple living wall design that you can enhance and cultivate over the years.

Put your creativity to good use in your own Dallas apartment home. Stop by one of Pinnacle’s apartment communities in Dallas-Forth Worth for a tour and more information!