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Be Innovative – Avery Solomon

Be Innovative – Avery SolomonAvery Solomon, Vice President – Client Services

Pinnacle identified character traits we feel are extraordinarily important for successful leaders. Then, we selected individuals who embody those traits to feature at the 2019 Annual Leadership Conference. Avery Solomon was chosen for Innovation. Here is her story:

Innovative people see the world as their oyster. They never hesitate to seize opportunity and are known for pushing conventional boundaries to make things happen. Innovators like Avery Solomon are also not easily dissuaded. They accomplish great things by aligning with people who can help on the path to achievement. Filled with ingenuity and drive, talent like hers keeps businesses growing.

A pioneer on Pinnacle’s Client Services team, Avery brings potential investments to our clients and assists with their evaluations through underwriting, market intelligence and value-add solutions for properties on the front end. Always in high demand, her advisory services are requested at a rapid fire pace to keep up with the capital markets. Avery felt there had to be a better way to comply, so she set out to find it.

Pinnacle’s typical turnaround for a market survey alone, her most requested service, was averaging about 48 hours at the time her research began. Finding someone who could assist with the preparation of these critical reports was not always easy. In the newer Northeast markets where staffing was slim, Avery often had to prepare them herself. But it didn’t take long before she had a team working on the solution. Together, they created a tool that would export data directly from CoStar into a Pinnacle branded template in mere minutes, rather than days, to help with her pre-acquisition consultations.

Avery’s identification of a new client relationship management tool was another game changer. Documentation about new business deals had become fragmented over the years, with various team members keeping notes in their own format. Pinnacle’s pipeline needed transparency and consolidating that information into a unified system was the way to go. Avery found a very economical solution that will house conversation notes, working deals and historical information for quick reference. This system will also give Pinnacle a cohesive voice when our teams speak with clients.

It is not just one or two accomplishments that have made Avery a trailblazer – there are many. Her early adoption of an underwriting tool prompted widespread implementation across the company and has increased uniformity and efficiencies. She transformed how her team communicates with one another. She jumps in as an extension of operations teams to help out. The list goes on and on.

The thing about Avery is that all of her ideas, both big and small, are adding up to make a huge difference. Some have happened quickly while others are still growing. But they all spawn progress, which keeps us at the top of our game.