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Jennifer Staciokas Shares Expertise at NMHC OpTech Conference

11-17-17-optech-jenniferJennifer Staciokas, Pinnacle’s Senior Vice President of Marketing & Training, recently had the opportunity to share her thoughts at the NMHC OpTech Conference in Las Vegas, NV on a panel with two other industry experts titled “Lightning Round!: Top Marketing Pros Take on the Top Marketing Trends.” The fast-paced session focused on seven sections – communication, virtual reality/artificial intelligence, generational marketing, social media/influencer marketing, digital marketing, technology as an amenity and the role of the marketer.

Jennifer presented a case study highlighting the success of using an assisted service for text as a lead generation tool at one of Pinnacle’s Pacific Northwest communities.  During the pilot, communicating with potential renters through text resulted in a 62 percent scheduled viewing rate during the pilot.  The potential renters were engaged and ready to move responding back within minutes of their initial inquiry.  More than half of the approved applications in the study were originally routed through text.

She continued the presentation by revealing ways that Pinnacle has partnered with local influencers to garner brand awareness, increase resident retention and sign new leases. Mixology Mondays on Facebook Live is one example. Engaging guest bloggers who spend a weekend living the lifestyle of the community in exchange for sharing their experience with their network is another. Hosting Yelp Elite events in select markets and partnering with local publications to host events that not only provide great exposure to our communities, but also give back to the communities by way of charitable donations for attending these impressive events has also been effective.

Jennifer shared the innovative ways Pinnacle is allowing residents to personalize their home through customized wall graphics via Benson Walls, Shop Your Look via Wayfair and partnering with design agency, Dezignable, to offer customized design services to its residents.

Jennifer continued the session talking about the ever changing role of the marketer.  She mentioned that the perfect combination is a mix of marketing artist (creative) and marketing scientist (analytical).  It is a unique combination of skills to find in future marketers, but those who adapt will surely succeed in the ever changing landscape of marketing.
At the end of the session, Jennifer left the audience with a challenge to think about what activities they could stop doing to free up space to innovate in their companies based on this quote from Jeff DeGraff, featured on the October 27 LinkedIn Daily Rundown Idea of the Day.

“Stopping things is hard.  It’s full of feelings of loss, disappointment and failure.  It takes more than creativity.  It takes courage to stop what you’ve been doing to make room for the things your organization wants to start doing now.”.

Multi Housing News featured the panel discussion in a write-up on October 27, 2017.