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Make It, Take It: Cool Craft and Cooking Lounges in San Jose

make-it_crafts-loungesFrom Glow Candle Lounge to Beeting Heart Cooking and Petroglyph Ceramics

Crafts aren’t just for kindergarteners anymore, and some pretty grown-up “craft lounges” around San Jose are becoming the places to relax with friends while creating exotic candles, artistic ceramics and international cuisine. Here are two lounges that offer shared day passes, and a cooking school led by a therapeutic chef.

Glow Candle Lounge

The owners of Glow Candle Lounge believe there should be more creative ways to socialize – so they put their own creativity to work in creating a space that does just that. Surrounded by found-object art and bathed in heady scents of lavender, cinnamon and eucalyptus, you can become a novice candlemaker. Spend the day personalizing pillar candles with unique shapes, fragrances and “pip” designs while learning how to mold chunks of wax into pieces of art. Your all-day pass at Glow Candle also gives access to a ceramic lounge just two doors down on Lincoln Avenue.

Petroglyph Ceramic Lounge

Ceramics never felt so “chummy” before Petroglyph Ceramic Lounge became the place to hang out with friends in an inspirational environment while making masterpiece collectibles. The lounge’s name comes from prehistoric drawings or rock carvings called petroglyphs in the Stone Age. As the origin of communication by art and words, petroglyphs are a fitting theme for a day creating personal statements and storytelling through ceramic art. Invite some friends to join you, or make it a special day with some young ones in your life.

Beeting Heart Cooking

The owner of Beeting Heart Cooking lives in the heart of Silicon Valley but somehow manages to grow her own food, raise chickens, keep bees, and preserve and ferment food. But don’t worry, Stacey doesn’t expect you to do all that – unless you want to. Though this isn’t a “lounge” per se, the classes at Beeting Heart are intimate and collaborative. They incorporate an eating philosophy that affects your overall health and life, so expect some therapeutic dishing, both verbally and in the kitchen.

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