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Maximizing Space in Your Entryway

web-photoEveryone knows first impressions are everything. When people walk into your home for the first time, the best way for you to make an impression is with your entryway.

Maximizing the space you have available can be tricky because most entryways don’t have much space to begin with, especially in apartments. Take a look at these tips to create a welcoming environment for your guests!

Use containers: Winter is coming, and during these colder months, you’ll need a place to put away your mittens, hats and other cold weather gear once you’ve made your way inside. Try assigning these items to a small bin or basket rather than creating a pile next to the front door. If you anticipate some snow tracking inside from time to time, make sure your container can handle water for when the snow inevitably melts.

Bring in a bench: I know what you’re thinking. Wouldn’t adding a small bench take up even more precious space in your entryway? Actually, adding this piece can be effective in creating an illusion of more space while also serving as a way to both organize and store some of your possessions. Stowing any shoes, umbrellas and other objects underneath a bench can provide a space for the items that aren’t meant to travel beyond the front door. To add a bit of style, consider implementing a few pillows or a blanket to the top of the bench!

Hang it up: To make the most of the entryway, be sure to take advantage of any vertical wall space you have. By adding a small shelf with hooks, you will have a designated place to hang up your winter coats and hats. Also, you can use the top of the shelf to add mementos, such as photos of friends and family, or it could serve as a great place to add more storage baskets.

If installing shelves isn’t realistic for your apartment, consider bringing in a stand-up coat rack to serve a similar purpose. It can be helpful to position the rack behind the door to keep it from taking up additional floor space.

Most people don’t consider the entryway to their apartment when having guests over, but it’s a first chance to make a great impression. Keep these tips handy as you begin to reinvent your space and you’ll have a welcoming entryway you can be proud of!

Guest blog contributed by CORT