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Nicole Ellery Speaks on the Advantages of Yardi Energy Suite in Washington D.C.

Nicole Elery Martin LNicole Ellery recently spoke at the Yardi Advance Solutions Conference in Washington D.C., where over 2,100 multifamily, single-family, and commercial property professionals were in attendance. In her interview, Nicole highlighted efficiencies created by using Yardi’s fully integrated solution to optimize energy management and spoke about utility billing services.

Her session touched on some of the key benefits of using Yardi Energy Suite (YES), including implementation, integration, and reporting.

During a transition, Nicole mentioned how YES can access both the incoming and outgoing management company information to alleviate the burden of providing reports, charge codes and vendor codes for Regional Property Managers and Property Managers. YES is also beneficial because it uses past Voyager data to find which account invoices are missing up front. She said that there is no longer a need for long operations questionnaires because YES follows set business rules and allows for invoice processing and resident billing within a week of takeover. This not only reduces late fees but also beats competitor set-up by 30 to 60 days.

Due to YES being a Yardi product, Nicole shared how the program intuitively knows accounting closeout dates, move-out and move-in dates of residents for vacant cost recovery purposes, and resident statements during a transition. Paid invoices are also viewable in the Yardi Voyager database rather than through a separate log-in. She also talked about how move-out functions are available at property team member’s fingertips to provide final bills to residents or create estimations during the accounting process.

During the session, Nicole pointed out that YES has a dashboard, called E2 Insight, which is attached to Pinnacle’s business intelligence program to give clients monitoring access to their property performance. Regional Property Managers can also access reporting to graphically show success rates after an energy retrofit program.  She said that Pinnacle will continue to implement additional features as they are available.

To wrap up the session, Nicole highlighted how working with YES has provided Pinnacle with exceptional response times and services, which has allowed for more efficient operations in regard to energy management across the country.