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NYC: Cozy Coffee Shops for Wintry Days

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The words “cozy” and “coffee” go together like hats and mittens on wispy wintry days. New York does caffeine like no other, so treat yourself to a snug-up in one of New York’s coziest coffee shops, from downhome mom-and-pops to hidden indie enclaves and eye-popping Caribbean cafes.

The Marlton Espresso Bar

Nestled inside Marlton Hotel in the West Village, Marlton Espresso Bar is way more than a standard hotel “grab-a-cup” coffee stand. You could spend hours tucked into in a red-leather club chair, reading and sipping by the fireplace. Order fresh-baked pastries and espresso by small-batch Ferndell coffee roasters.

Baita by Birreria

The simulated mountain-lodge vibe at Baita by Birreria feels like you’ve plopped down in an Italian Alps chalet or rustic alpine resort. Surrounded by pine trees and Adirondack chairs, the espresso at Eataly’s rooftop bar is more often mixed with stronger libations – but patrons are more than welcome to wrap up in one of the provided warm blankets and sip steaming cups of cappuccino, hot chocolate and herbal teas. You can also order melted raclette cheeses.

Miss Lily’s

Nothing warms the soul like rich Jamaican java, especially when it’s served in a riotous blaze of color. Bright spots like Miss Lily’s in Soho are the perfect way to liven up a blustery cold day, with every color of the rainbow splashed on the walls, chairs and tables. So cozy up to the long coffee/juice bar, and get your Jamaican-style caffeine buzz.

Tip: An East Village version, Miss Lily’s 7A, warms your innards with more than coffee; try the Caribbean stews and pitchers of rum.

Double Dutch Espresso

Vintage décor, brick walls and the aroma of fresh cinnamon rolls define Double Dutch Espresso, known by many as the best place for roasted coffee in Harlem. They also have a following of herbal tea lovers who swear by the hibiscus blend of lemongrass lavender, cinnamon and rose petals. When winter wanes, you’ll enjoy the outdoor patio jutting off the back of the café.

Café Reggio

Not many places can boast of serving the first cappuccino in America, but that’s exactly what Café Reggio in Greenwich Village claims. Since its original espresso machine dates from 1902, there’s a good chance it’s true. You can see the antique machine on display amidst period furniture, chandeliers, Caravaggio-style paintings and stained-glass transoms. Café Reggio is a gathering spot for writers and artists as well as philosophers devouring books by Nietzsche and Milan Kundera – so feel free to bring a leather journal and scribble the day away.