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Optimize 2017 Conference in Los Angeles

Melonie Shamley at Optimize 2017 Conference in Los Angeles, California

Melonie Shamley, a Seattle-based Regional Vice President for Pinnacle, recently took part in a panel discussion at the Optimize 2017 Conference in Los Angeles, CA. The session, titled “The Band Is Back Together Again!  Reuniting Sales, Marketing, Pricing and Revenue Management,” was led by two multifamily operators, a revenue manager and a marketer.

The conversation, which revolved around solving occupancy issues, touched on the importance of examining people, product and promotion before jumping to conclusions that price might be the culprit. Panelists then discussed the communication methods they each use during the discovery process and talked about which programs and data they use, how they filter through reports, how they track their marketing spend and what the company does to train on any weak issues.

Melonie shared how Pinnacle first pulls Business Intelligent reports to red flag problems when occupancy is low. Then, she said her operations team looks at people and product. Finally, the marketing and revenue management departments unite over the phone or in person to discuss findings and concerns and to troubleshoot. She emphasized how phone or in-person conversations are much more effective than email conversations for problem solving and training.