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Pinnacle is a privately held organization that manages multifamily properties nationwide. Established in 1980, we are one of the largest multifamily management companies in the United States with a portfolio of over 172,000 units and 4,300 team members. Our clients include pension funds, private partnerships, international investors, insurance companies, lenders, special servicers, syndicators, government agencies and high net worth individuals.


Pinnacle Purpose is at the heart of our corporate culture.

Linked to our core value of “Community,” the program represents our higher purpose in serving others with respect, compassion and humility. Team members are given the opportunity to find fulfillment and happiness while serving others with labors of love.

Community Service at Pinnacle

Pinnacle Purpose is passionate about serving local communities.


Across the country, we cultivate an active volunteer program by partnering with neighborhood non-profits such as local food banks, alliances, or other nearby ministries. In 2018, Pinnacle team members volunteered 6,785 hours and raised $154,000. We served over 116 charities with 4,316 volunteers at 264 venues.


Pinnacle Purpose is a priority at key company events.

Over 250 Pinnacle volunteers dispersed in Scottsdale, Arizona in one afternoon to assist five different local non-profits. Partnering with HandsOn Phoenix, our team was able to create positive change at a local school, food bank, resource for the homeless and underprivileged, child crisis center, and women’s health clinic for refugee women. This important work was prioritized as an agenda item during the Pinnacle Annual Leadership Conference in May 2019, yielding insurmountable compassion and a service value equivalent of over $21,600.

Pinnacle Purpose is a lifeline for our residents facing a temporary crisis.

By partnering with Resident Relief Foundation, we are able to provide rental assistance to qualified residents who experience an unexpected financial emergency that puts them at risk of losing their tenancy and/or becoming homeless.



2018 Pinnacle Heart of Purpose Video