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Panelist Jennifer Staciokas Speaks at Yardi Marketing Forum

Yardi_Marketing_Forum_-_AshevillePinnacle’s Jennifer Staciokas, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Training & Revenue Management, took the stage with moderator Paul Yount of Yardi and five industry experts at Yardi’s Marketing Forum in Asheville, NC. The conversations revolved around marketing technology from five years ago, the present and five years in the future in a session: “5 Years/5 Trends: Martech Review & Preview.”

Jennifer spoke about where we have come from with SEO, virtual tours, responsive web design, interactive sitemaps, point of interest neighborhood maps, text-enabled phone numbers, custom mobile apps and website accessibility. She also talked about mobile first philosophy and virtual reality transitioning into the present day, which an emphasis on chatbots.

Jennifer then spent time discussing progressive web apps, interactive content, and voice as the primary user interface before wrapping up with the zero UI concept.

This fast-paced session spurred thoughts on innovation for the audience to take home and discuss within their organizations.