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Be Passionate – Deb Kopolow

Be Passionate – Deb KopolowDeb Kopolow, Regional Vice President – Nevada, Arizona

Pinnacle identified character traits we feel are extraordinarily important for successful leaders. Then, we selected individuals who embody those traits to feature at the 2019 Annual Leadership Conference. Deb Koplow was chosen for Passion. Here is her story:

Passion is something that can’t be taught. A person either has it, or they don’t. Deb Kopolow definitely does. She suits up and shows up every day, dressed with a zest for life that has a direct influence on everyone around her. Her exuberance on the job over the past 30 years has created an enviable following from one of the most loyal and tenured teams at Pinnacle.  

By title, Deb is a Regional Vice President. Watch her in action and you will see she is also an energetic leader, devoted mentor, revered multifamily expert and heartfelt motivator who truly believes each person in her region has the potential to elevate their game. Skilled at finding exceptional talent, Deb pours her heart and soul into nurturing careers. She interacts with her team often, communicates well, sets clearly defined goals and makes it fun to achieve them.  And when they do, she celebrates their successes like nobody’s business.

Work hard, play hard is an understatement for this team. Deb orchestrates a top-notch party filled with glitz and glamour to recognize extraordinary performance and give thanks for big efforts each year. The much-anticipated event ignites a sense of healthy competition among her team who admittedly work for a purpose, not just a paycheck, but still love to win. This twinkling grand scale affair caters to more than 750 party-goers. Pop more bubbly, please.

There are plenty of other occasions for ceremony with this team. In December, 233 of them showed up in solidarity at the Nevada State Apartment Association’s gala where Pinnacle dominated the spotlight with 90 total nominations for their great work overseeing almost 23,000 apartment homes. When nine of those nods earned prestigious Jewel Awards, their applause could be heard around the world. It was difficult to fit all their red carpet worthy outfits into one photo.

Deb and team toned the attire but displayed even more gusto at the same association’s Maintenance Mania competition a short time prior. Over 86 of them turned out to support 81 of her maintenance staff – yep, 167 in all, cheering to their heart’s content. This enthusiasm for the team and the company they all love won them the Spirit Award that day. Not surprising. It is a direct reflection of the passion Deb instills in them.

Sometimes Deb shows a softer, quieter side. And when she does, the team is captive to her message – like when she gives impassioned speeches about her devotion and deep care for each and every one of them. Then their cheers turn to happy tears because they feel exactly the same way about her.