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Pinnacle’s Jennifer Staciokas Panels Two Sessions at NAA Apartmentalize in San Diego

Pinnacle’s Jennifer Staciokas Panels Two Sessions at NAA Apartmentalize in San DiegoJennifer Staciokas, Pinnacle’s Senior Vice President of Marketing & Training, recently paneled two sessions at the NAA Apartmentalize Conference in San Diego, CA.

Session: Rituals, Routines and Rewards that Recharge Your Life

The first session was a fast-paced discussion with two other industry experts that was broken into five sections: establishing routines, eliminating distractions, identifying your gifts and making your best contributions, overcoming fear & crushing your inner critic.

Jennifer kicked it off by talking about establishing routines. She shared how a productive day for her begins with meditation, yoga, reading and drinking water. Establishing a nighttime routine is also important, she said. To do this, she reflects on what went well that day, how it made her better, and what improvements were needed. Documenting the responses not only prepares her for sleep, but also allows the monitoring of progress over days, months and years.

She then shared the mentality of incorporating one hour a day to bettering life. It is easy to get bogged down with personal and professional responsibilities, but in order to be truly successful, “me” time is needed to reset the day. Yoga and meditation are examples of how she focuses her one hour to create life changing habits. By putting this time on the calendar, she holds herself accountable to carrying out that focus.

To wrap up her portion of the session, Jennifer gave five tips for eliminating distractions: understanding important vs. urgent, stopping digital pressure, making “no” part of the vocabulary, understanding that the hardest part of a project is starting, and eliminating negative influences. Your brain can only focus in 90 to 120 minute segments, at which point it needs a break before launching into the next 90 to 120 minutes. This is known as ultradian rhythm. Learning your own rhythm can maximize productivity.

Session: Technology is Changing the World: Don’t Get Left Behind

Next, Jennifer joined eight other industry experts in a discussion about real estate technology trends. The session featured six companies – Bodega, Envoy, Transit Screen, Hello Alfred, Nova Credit and ORRO – who shared three- to five-minute elevator pitches about their products and services which focus on solving problems multifamily managers face.

Jennifer wrapped up the session by providing tips for implementing technology within a management company. She discussed Pinnacle’s Product Review Committee, which includes representatives from operations, marketing, IT, training, risk management, purchasing and project management. This committee reviews all new technology partners and makes recommendations on if and how to proceed. Jennifer shared that before implementing a new technology, it must be considered to actually solve a problem the organization is facing.