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Pinnacle’s Volunteerism Ramps Up in October

Man in Red Charity Shirt smiling and walkingDallas, Texas (October 23, 2018) Pinnacle, one of the nation’s leading multifamily management firms, synchronized volunteer efforts across the country during the first week in October to uphold the company’s core value of Community. The results were impactful. Over an initial five-day span, Pinnacle team members dedicated more than 1,160 hours to assist 25 different non-profits, alliances and ministries. Additional activities have been planned throughout the month.

The company’s nationwide volunteering initiative, referred to as Corporate Team Community Service Week, gives Pinnacle staff an opportunity to assist non-profits during the normal work week. A variety of charities are selected but heavy emphasis has recently been placed onhelping the homeless, the food insecure, and at-risk children.

“Our employees have a desire to serve. They strongly express that desire and commit to it throughout the year. But sometimes daily duties get in the way,” explains Larry Goodman, chief operating officer. “Pinnacle wanted to help fulfill their sense of purpose so we created Corporate Community Service Week. It’s become a very important part of who we are as a company.”

Pinnacle has always maintained an active volunteer program and encourages team members to lend a helping hand at times that are convenient to their professional and personal schedules.The company’s approach was rather informal until 2016 when Corporate Team Community Service Week was initiated. Then earlier this year, a charitable platform called Pinnacle Purpose was launched to facilitate even more volunteerism throughout the year and to add a new dimension for helping residents needing temporary financial assistance to avoid eviction.

“We are in the housing business so it makes sense that Pinnacle would hone in on helping the homeless,” says Goodman. “But our teams are passionate about many different causes so we give our 15 corporate and regional offices the choice to organize activities with any non-profit serving their local community.”

Year-to-date, individuals at Pinnacle have served nearly 4,700 hours and raised almost $99,000 for charities. This number will rise each day as volunteer efforts throughout the month of October and the upcoming holidays are reported.

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