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Portrait of Success: Cheryl Caudill

Regional Property Manager in North Texas Recognized for Upholding Pinnacle’s Core Value of Performance


We are measured on our ability to create value for our clients and shareholders

3-portraitsuccess_cherylcaudill_postJust one year after joining Pinnacle in 2016, Cheryl Caudill was invited to the Texas State Capitol to address legislation that would impact our company’s operational strategies, and the multifamily industry as a whole. One of only five candidates chosen by the Texas Apartment Association to help affect change at this lobbying event, her involvement should come as no surprise to those who have interacted with this top achiever.

Caudill’s performance is recognizably driven by a mixture of skill, creativity, and an innate drive to find value in everything. People, in particular. She hones in on nurturing team member’s talents but is not afraid to have the hard conversations when change is warranted. As a result, Caudill’s team celebrated multiple promotions during her first year of leadership.

Just as impressive, her entire seven-property portfolio in the North Texas region significantly surpassed ownership’s income expectations last year with revenue growth of 6.3 percent while the submarket was at 4.5 percent. Her portfolio’s outperformance, which exceeded budget at an average of 5.4 percent, was on non-renovated units and was driven by top notch customer service. One property achieved an 11 percent increase in revenue after Caudill found a way to implement very necessary upgrades in spite of severe budget constraints. Stepping out of the box, she formulated a plan to buy furniture from a newer Dallas community under renovation for pennies on the dollar. On other occasions, she negotiated the purchase of kitchen equipment for five other properties without funds and even hauled the items herself. Pool equipment, no problem. Caudill handles everything with an exceptional level of detail, attentiveness, kindness and swift action.

After one asset upgrade, Caudill got a devastating call. Her managed property in Mesquite, Texas was on fire and nine undeserving families were ultimately left without a home. She ran out of her own house that day with a dual focus: to reduce the stress on her team members and to find new apartments for each of those displaced by the tragedy. Working from sunup to sundown, her efforts were successful. With the help of her team, Caudill was able to move eight families into vacant units within the same community and one to a sister community that same day.

Caudill also reached out to vendors and secured donations to help the families establish some sense of normalcy. Within 24 hours, the victims had all signed new leases, there was food in their new refrigerators and gift cards were provided for furniture and other essentials.

As for Caudill, well, it was all in a day’s work. She was a bit tired, very satisfied, and had extremely dirty boots. That’s not a bad price to pay for pulling off yet another performance miracle.

Several of Caudill’s co-workers shared their sentiments about her performance.

Henry Ford once said that ‘quality means doing it right when no one is looking.’ Cheryl literally has her boots on the ground and is walking the talk.” — Michele Butler, Vice President

Cheryl is smart, a team player, and ever willing to help her co-workers. Thank you Cheryl for always going above and beyond.” — Toni Rials, Regional Vice President

Cheryl creates value because she is team player. She offered to train one of my leasing agents when they were having issues getting acclimated to PopCard. She is also always willing to share her staff with other properties that may need an extra set of hands. Cheryl understands the bigger picture and is eager to pitch in.” — Lisa McDonnell, Regional Property Manager

“Cheryl is a dedicated team member, not only to her peers, but also to her residents. She exemplifies what it means to put the customer first. Cheryl goes above and beyond to make sure the customers are taken care of first and if it means her working all hours of the day and night to make sure they are satisfied, she will. If everyone followed Cheryl’s lead, this would surely define the Year of the Customer.” – Meghan Newberry, Regional Property Manager

“Cheryl has an amazing drive, incomparable work ethic and wicked sense of humor. A real go-getter, she is a no nonsense RPM. Whether she is digging into financials, walking vacant apartments or motivating team members to step it up, you can always find her in the trenches. We are truly lucky to have Cheryl on our Pinnacle team. Trust me, I would want to go to battle with her, not against her.” – Jason Straub, Systems Training Manager