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Portrait of Success: Sally Milton

Sally MiltonSenior Vice President of Client Reporting Recognized for Upholding Pinnacle’s Core Value of Community


Serving our community is at the heart of our team members’ priorities

Anyone who knows Sally Milton would agree that she is both a leader and a natural born servant. It’s a rare mix, but a recognizable part of her DNA. She is also positive, empathetic and kind, which are prime ingredients for her 25 years of success at the company. Working at the helm of the 150-person Client Services team, she instinctively knows how to motivate others to reach high performance expectations and consistently captures exceptional department ratings when the customer satisfaction surveys are tallied. Milton also propels her region to the top of multiple “Best of” lists for a variety of corporate accomplishments.

Her popularity is no accident. Milton earns it. Team members feel her support in both professional and personal endeavors and appreciate her heavy promotion of work/life balance. She recognizes accomplishments, encourages everyone to share kind words, writes personal thank you notes and birthday cards, fosters wellness and is always on the lookout for cutting edge “employee perks” that will enhance team member satisfaction.

Under Milton’s lead, the Maitland office has also become the company’s leading contributor to a long list of charitable causes. Over the past several years, her team has volunteered more than 7,000 service hours for at least 50 non-profit organizations and raised over $165,000 through an inter-office fundraiser. Some of the charities have included A Grateful Mind, Alzheimer’s Association, American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association, Autism Research Institute, Children’s Safety Village, Coalition for the Homeless, Easter Seals, Feeding Children Everywhere, Fisher House: Helping Military Families, Give Kids the World Village, Habitat for Humanity, Hands On Wildlife, Harvest Time International, Lighthouse Central Florida, Mustard Seed Furniture & Clothing Bank, MS Society, Nevers Foundation, Pet Rescue by Judy, Ronald McDonald House, Second Harvest Food Bank and the YMCA.

Milton hasn’t just encouraged community service, she has led by example and participated in many of the volunteer events herself. She has been known to walk for miles, sweat, get wet, help build a home, stay up through the night, get a little dirty, eat in the dark, and work with children. These selfless activities epitomize Pinnacle’s Community core value and have enabled those who know her to vicariously take part in reaching the homeless, the hungry, those stricken with disease, disadvantaged schools, endangered animals and more.

By giving of our treasures, time, and talents, we are able to meet the direct needs of those less fortunate while providing our Pinnacle team members a meaningful way to share their wealth and utilize their expertise,” says Milton. “It’s also an especially powerful way for team members to help strengthen and unify their local communities and encourage our residents to do the same.”

Milton’s co-workers are inspired by her spirit of service and shared thoughts about her dedication to others.

Sally Milton is one of the kindest and most caring people I know. She is not only compassionate about her staff but also has the same conviction for the community she resides in. Sally is a model for individuals who are committed to community service! Thank you Sally for all you do to make the world we live in so much better!” – John Carrosino, Chief Financial Officer

Sally’s commitment to the community is inspiring. I was always interested in doing community service but never really knew where to start. Working with Sally made the ability to do community service a reality for me and many others. She leads by example when she volunteers at events and consistently contributes to our “Causual Day” fundraisers. Thank you Sally!” – Sarah Marland, Project Manager, Client Reporting

I absolutely LOVE working for Sally! She sets a great tone at the top, making sure people understand how much they matter to our cause. Sally constantly uses her strength of positivity to turn any obstacle into opportunity for improvement. She also does a phenomenal job of balancing the customer’s needs with those of our own, seeing out win-win outcomes in every scenario. Sally is definitely a leader to emulate for success!” – Dale West, Accounting Manager, Client Reporting

General Colin Powell said that ‘perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.’ Sally’s positive nature, in my opinion, is a major contributor to the effectiveness and success of client reporting. Her optimism keeps misery and the company it keeps at bay and makes work an enjoyable experience.” – Wade Hampton, Accounting Manager, Client Reporting

Sally has a way of inspiring us to give our all, not just for our clients, but also for each other and our community. Her positivity is contagious. I find that I can give no less with Sally as a leader and role model. I truly appreciate her leadership as well as her efforts to make her clients, team members and community a priority!” – Sheila Leahy, Accounting Technical Writer, Client Reporting

Sally has a vibrant and contagious personality. As it relates to community service, she is a champion for the many causes Client Reporting supports. Sally is an active participant and continuously encourages other team members to do the same whether it be during office hours, evenings or weekends.” – Penny Mander, Controller, Client Reporting