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Portrait of Success: Shelly Twibell

Regional Property Manager in the Midwest Recognized for Upholding Pinnacle’s Core Value of Creativity


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4-portraitsuccess_shellytwibell_postA spark of excitement is ignited when you ask someone at Pinnacle to describe Shelly Twibell.

This infectious, one-of-a-kind Regional Property Manager exudes a bright orange aura of energy, spontaneity, and fun, which are just a few of the innate traits she uses to draw out a team member’s greatest potential. You see, this former teacher knows a thing or two about empowerment and she uses this gift to Pinnacle’s greatest advantage.

For the past four years at Pinnacle, Twibell has been developing local team-based training programs that drill down to the core of her site-level responsibilities in Missouri and Kansas. If you don’t believe that a refresher on calculating net operating income, economic occupancy or bad debt percentages can be fun, think again. Her “Math Camp” style approach is not only successful but highly memorable, incentivizing her portfolio’s financial performance to outperform the competitive set by a wide margin.

In a real world discussion about rental rates, Twibell demonstrates how to get customers excited about the possibility of paying more for walls, ceilings and floors by comparing a $25 Tervis Tumbler to a $0.15 Red Solo cup. While both vessels serve the same basic function, she explains how molding perception and the customer experience using a few extra amenities can elevate a property against its lower-priced competitor and successfully sell the full value of a community.

Twibell notoriously uses themes, flash cards, puzzles, crafts, story time and more to captivate her internal audiences and get them enthusiastic about putting their best foot forward at work each day. Props are also a must in her modules, never excluding the likes of plastic jungle animals, sunglasses, a white shoe, custom coasters, or a collection box of items to represent a particular moral to her lesson. Mottos and slogans are equally important to her cause. Gather her team and you will more than likely hear them chant MKD4L, or MO-KAN Do for Life, which is her promise to continually strengthen the bond of her Missouri-Kansas team.

Twibell takes any topic, no matter how dry, and makes it sparkle. The profound impact her creativity and passion have on her team has served as a magnetic draw to attract and retain some of the industry’s greatest talent. If creativity is intelligence having fun, then by all accounts Twibell is a genius — or maybe she was just born with glitter in her veins.

Twibell’s co-workers speak of their admiration for her creative approach to training and motivating others.

“If you are having ‘one of those days’ I cannot think of one other person that I would rather interact with than Shelly Twibell. It is impossible to talk with her and not leave the conversation with a smile on your face!” – Garin Hamburger, Regional Marketing Director – Midwest

“As a former teacher, Shelly Twibell has interjected her educational background into a library of customized, non-traditional training programs. Talk to anyone who has attended one of her courses and you will hear rave reviews about how her creative approach has undoubtedly helped them learn how to do their jobs better. Shelly is a true champion for Pinnacle.” – Kellie DeVilbiss, Regional Vice President

Shelly has this thing about her, I’m not exactly sure how to explain it, but I like to call it the ‘Glitter Effect.’ Everything is somehow more fun and memorable because of her. And oddly enough, like glitter, she kind of lingers with you long after she has left. You can’t help but smile when you think of her.” – Rebecca Riddering, Regional Property Manager

Every single person that attends any one of Shelly’s sessions has probably experienced some kind of life change. If you are in the room with her for a minute, you would be excited to be a part of the industry and for Pinnacle. She has a real love for people and loves to teach them and watch them grow. Shelly works side by side with people to help them find ways to get the property to shine.” – Heather Miller, Regional Property Manager