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How to Prepare for a Summer Staycation

july_cort__tips-on-how-to-prep-for-a-summer-staycationLooking for a break from everyday life this summer but can’t afford a plane ticket or a fancy hotel? Don’t fret! You can get the experience of a memorable vacation at home – commonly referred to as a “staycation.” Staycations are all about relaxing and changing things up just enough to make it feel like you’re on a vacation. Here are a few helpful tips on how to prepare for a staycation this summer.

Splurge on Luxurious Food

One of the best parts of vacationing is the opportunity to try new things. So why not splurge a little on luxurious food during your staycation? Try shopping for exotic foods at your local grocery store or a nearby international market, then experiment with new recipes during your time at home.

Treat Yourself

A staycation isn’t a vacation without treating yourself to something that makes you feel happy and relaxed. Whether it’s going shopping, getting a massage at the spa or updating your bedroom with fancy high-thread count sheets, now is the time to focus on yourself.


It’s recommended to disconnect as much as possible from technology during a vacation so your brain has a chance to properly recharge. Clear your schedule, turn off your cell phone and log out of your email so you can go off the grid for a few days. If you feel you can’t live without internet, try limiting your usage to designated times during the day.

Update Outdoor Furniture

You may not be in a tropical paradise, but you can still make the most of the outdoors during your staycation. It feels good to get fresh air and soak up the summer sunshine from the comfort of your very own home. If you have outdoor chairs, mix things up by buying new throw cushions. You can also decorate your space by purchasing a few of your favorite potted plants from your local home goods store to decorate your space. Or consider renting furniture to test out a new look.

Summer vacationing doesn’t have to be an extravagant trip away from home. With some thoughtful planning, a staycation can be an easy and fun experience that gives you a break from your everyday routine. This summer, your apartment might just be the best place to kick back, relax and unwind.

Guest blog contributed by CORT