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Renting versus Buying

jennifer-grossman-pinnacleCalifornia State University Long Beach – Beyond the Beach Series

Jennifer Grossman, Pinnacle’s Regional Marketing Director for the California region, was a recent guest panelist for a California State University Long Beach (CSULB) program titled “Renting versus Buying.” The Beyond the Beach series event featured industry professionals who provided insights about apartment rental and homeownership trends for new graduates. Participating on the panel with Jennifer were representatives from Zillow, Keller Williams, ReMax and CSULB.

As a part of the real estate panel, Jennifer provided her thoughts on the top three reasons why renting, rather than buying, is beneficial for people who have just finished their undergraduate or graduate programs. She articulated the differences between renting and buying, while underscoring the benefit of renting right out of school due to cost sensitivities and added flexibility that might be needed for renters to meet current life plans or goals.