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Resolutions for a Cleaner Living Space in the New Year

Cleaning_Resolutions2019 is fast approaching. Is this the year you set resolutions for your apartment? Setting exercise, diet and other personal goals can be difficult to keep throughout the year, so why not set achievable goals to better your living space? Here are a few cleaning resolutions for your apartment in the New Year.

Organize the Mail

Unopened mail can creep up on you, leaving a messy pile in the corner of the kitchen that doubles as an eye sore for guests. This year, make a point to open mail as it arrives or set a three-day limit to any unopened items. Then, file away any bills and other mailings that have been opened.

Wash Dishes as You Go

Like the mail, dishes can pile up too. Rather than waiting until you’ve run out of plates and silverware to start washing, get into the habit of cleaning right after finishing a meal. If you have a roommate, set a schedule and alternate cleaning responsibilities.

Keep Common Area Bathrooms Clean

Ever been to a friend’s house, used their bathroom and immediately regretted the decision? Don’t be that friend. Keep all common area bathrooms clean this year for family and friends that will visit your apartment. Take turns with your roommate to clean the room once a month to ensure guests are comfortable. Keeping sanitary wipes and other cleaning essentials under the sink or in baskets can be key for quick cleanups and help keep the space organized and clutter-free.

Upgrade Your Furnishings

When most people make new purchases – whether it’s a car, electronic device, etc. – they usually put extra effort into keeping it clean and functional. The same goes for furniture. If you haven’t updated your furniture in a while, maybe it’s time for an upgrade. Investing in a new sofa or chair for your living room can provide extra incentive to keeping the space clean. If you’re on a budget, consider adding a high quality, previously leased piece of furniture that’s built to last.

Use Calendar Reminders

Whether it’s through your phone or on a physical calendar in your apartment, set reminders for your cleaning schedule. It’ll become easier once you get into a routine but having a calendar will help both you and your roommate stay on top of cleaning responsibilities throughout the year.

There are a lot of simple steps you can take to keep your apartment clean and organized in the New Year. As you set goals for 2019, consider these suggestions and evaluate the areas of your apartment that need the most improvement.