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Roam Denver: Self-Guided Culture Tours

Roam DenverRoaming the city brings out a voyager spirit, even when straying just a few minutes from home base. In Denver, culture pops out in unexpected places if you’re willing to push the pavement a little – so tag a friend or two and self-guide your way through Denver’s museums, architectural treasures, galleries and street-art enclaves. Here are a few simple culture tours for when the mood strikes.

Art Museums and Galleries 

It’s no secret that Denver has a vibrant, ever-evolving art scene. Fortunately, you don’t have to fight traffic to visit some of the best art museums and galleries in town. You’ll hit eight thriving art venues within a one-hour self-guided walk, starting with the Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art on West 13th Avenue and continuing on to Molly Brown Museum, named for RMS Titanic survivor “The Unsinkable Molly Brown.” Other culture-bearers on the route include Denver Art Museum, Byers-Evans House, the Native American Trading Company, Gallery 1261, Walker Fine Art Gallery and William Havu Gallery. If you’d like a handy app to guide you from place to place, check out GPSmyCity app, which is available from iTunes or Google Play.

Historic Union Station

Union Station is an cherished Denver landmark since it came to life in 1880 during the glory days or American rail travel. Once hosting at least 150 trains per day, the station now harbors bits and pieces of Denver’s modern-day culture within its storied walls. Historic architectural features blend with trendy eateries, art collections, boutiques, lounges and even the Crawford Hotel, which is nicknamed “Denver’s Living Room.”

To get a full culture dose, a hotel employee will immerse up to 10 people at a time in the station’s history, art and transportation past. But it’s also easy to roam about on your own, popping into Milkbox Ice Creamery or browsing small artsy shops. If you’re free for the evening, stay over drinks at Terminal Bar or Spanish shared plates at Ultreia, the newest eatery at Union Station. On Saturdays, Union Station has a Farmer’s Market that runs all summer and through the end of October.

Street Art and Sculptures

In less than a five-minute walk from Union Station, you’ll come face to face with Denver’s best modern art displays outside the Museum of Contemporary Art. It would be hard to miss the neon and flashing lights of the heart-shaped Toxic Schizophrenia statue, the first U.S. installation by London artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster.

Keep strolling along Delgany Street to Cherry Creek, and dip down to the waterfront level for a wild and whimsical foray into street art in all its glory. While dodging skaters, cyclers and power-walkers along the promenade, you’ll come face-to-face with elaborate murals painted on concrete walls, statues hiding in rocky creek coves, and brilliant eyes peering from beneath bridges. Bring your car for a full day of street-art hopping in areas such as RiNo, South Broadway, Confluence Park and the Art Disrtict on Santa Fe.

Wherever you roam in the Mile High City, you’re never far from one of our Denver apartment communities. Call today for move-in specials and to schedule a personal tour!