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Scott Potter Speaks about Customer Service at the 2017 Spectrum Educational Conference

Scott Potter Speaks at Spectrum Educational ConferenceScott Potter, Pinnacle’s Regional Trainer for the West Coast, recently spoke at the annual Spectrum Educational Conference in a session titled, “What is Customer Service?” The event, which took place in Portland, is one of the industry’s largest in the state of Oregon, drawing an estimated 1,200 visitors and more than 150 exhibitors.

Scott opened his session by talking about “customer service” and explaining how he believes the term is antiquated. He went on to say, however, that he shares Pinnacle’s mission to focus on the “customer experience” as a whole, which should be built as positive, impactful and highly memorable. Scott then provided his audience with some of the necessary building blocks to ensure that the experiences they create stand out for all the right reasons. He shared five pivotal touchpoints of a resident’s journey – leasing, move-in, service requests, pre-renewal and move-out — and talked about how it can be affected during each of those interactions.

Scott emphasized that we must continually evolve to stay competitive in our industry. We must all find ways to elevate our own skills and evaluate how our customers define their experiences with us.