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Secret Eats in Miami

miami-restaurantsReal Food for Real People at Get-Real Prices

Miami is one of America’s splashiest cities for nightlife and over-the-top restaurants, making the idea of eating out seem like an event rather than a meal. So where do real people go to meet up with friends or family for a fun evening out – without annihilating their monthly budget? Here’s a few secrets from those who’ve called Miami “home” for a long, long time.


180 Degrees at the DRB

If you’re over by the North campus of Miami Dade College, stop in at 180 Degrees at the DRB. In the gastropub tradition, it serves up gourmet cuisine in an ambiance of repurposed décor, with a revolving parade of craft beers. A favorite across the board is their 50/50 burger, concocted of house-ground chorizo and prime beef, topped off with queso frito, spicy lime aioli and a sizzling fried egg. Dessert? Well, it’s tough to imagine, but everyone swears by the deep-fried Twix bacon ice cream.

501 NE 1st Ave, Miami



Brazilian food is known for being on the pricey side, but there’s a way around that. Head over to Giraffas Brazilian Grill in North Miami for a fast-casual version of the bold flavors popular in South America. Platters are huge, and you get the same sizzling grilled meats served in more formal Brazilian steakhouses. If all-natural seafood rings your bell, order the mahi-mahi, salmon or shrimp grill platter. Save some room for the Petit Gâteau chocolate molten lava cake.

1821 NE 123 Street, North Miami


Burrito San

The new wave of millennials getting comfy in downtown Miami are making it a go-to place for an evening out. Unleash your inner foodie when you enter Burrito San on 1st Ave; you’ll need an adventurous spirit to try the signature Buddha’s Belly, a burrito-style sushi roll filled with roasted Portobello mushrooms, crunchy Chinese eggplant, smooth avocado, shredded carrots, organic field greens and garlic miso sauce. Park at Miami Tower for only $1 if you spend at least $10 at Burrito San.

119 SE 1st Avenue, Downtown Miami


Mareno’s Cuba   

Imagine vintage radios, swirling ceiling fans, Cuban tiles from Hialeah, and a Cuban speakeasy bar ­– then slip into the secret Havana hideaway of Morenos’s for free live music, minty mojitos and Cuban tapas. Order lots of small plates, but don’t dare miss the mahi ceviche, a side of mango chutney, and the sweet plantain mash with mojo-marinated pork. The café is named after the Latin Grammy-award winner Jorge Moreno – and yes, you could get lucky and catch him at the mic on any given night.

33139, 318 20th Street, Miami Beach


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