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Showtime Beaverton: Summer on Stage

Beaverton ShowtimeTen Tiny Dances, Concerts in the Round and Night Markets

Summer across America means live music and dancing from sea to shining sea – and Beaverton is no exception. From tiny-stage dancing to Super Spark retro tunes, Mexican ballet and Egyptian folkloric performances, the stages of Beaverton whirl, twirl, sing and swoon throughout sultry summer days and nights.

Concerts in the Round

You may know it as Beaverton Third Thursday, but a name change hasn’t dampened the musical action at Concerts in the Round. Just across from the Beaverton Central MAX light rail station, the Beaverton Round fills the evening skies with melodies from some of the Northwest’s favorite tunemasters. In 2018, the stage comes alive on July 26 with music from Hit Factory featuring Patrick Lamb, a tribute performer who cranks out hit songs that will make you cry in your beer or laugh out loud.
Surprise! You’ll also get a special performance by the fantastic Capoeira São Salvador-PDX, featuring the truly unique Capoeira Brazilian art form.

Ten Tiny Dances

Tiny dancing may sound like a new phenomenon, but it’s actually a series of performances on pop-up micro-stages featuring traditional dancing from around the world. As luck would have it, you get to see them all at no cost from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm on July 14. Stages will be set up throughout central Beaverton, mostly near The Round. The hand-picked dancers for 2018 perform everything from Egyptian folkloric dancing to Mexican ballet, modern-step Irish, and Traditional Japanese Taiko, Minzoku Buyo and South Indian Bharatanatyam styles.

Beaverton Night Market

Similar to the famous night markets of Asia, Beaverton hosts its own lively market on two summer nights in 2018: July 21 and August 11 from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm. An intercultural and family-friendly celebration of Beaverton’s diverse communities, the night market brings thousands of people out for cultural performances, dancing, handmade crafts and world cuisine from far-flung locales such as the Caribbean, Greece, Middle East, India and Nigeria. Stage performances could include anything from Hawaiian hula performances to salsa bands or graceful East European ballet. Check the Beaverton Night Market Facebook page for the latest updates.

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