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Be Supportive – Jason Straub

Be Supportive – Jason StraubJason Straub, Systems Training Manager

Pinnacle identified character traits we feel are extraordinarily important for successful leaders. Then, we selected individuals who embody those traits to feature at the 2019 Annual Leadership Conference. Jason Straub was chosen for being Supportive. Here is his story:

For some, the glass is always half full. These eternal optimists believe good things come to those who try so they take actions that produce positive results. They are energized by change, upbeat, charismatic, and supportive beyond belief. If you have ever spent time with Jason Straub, then you know he is a glass completely full kind of guy.

Jason has several irons in the fire every day as a Systems Training Manager for Pinnacle but you never hear him complaining. He is the person who prepares instructional materials for new company initiatives. Think PayScan or CRM, for example. When Pinnacle forges into unfamiliar territory, Jason works behind the scenes with the implementation team to understand the ins and outs of the system so he can be prepared to train the trainer. This is not as easy as it sounds. Every one of his projects starts with a blank slate, meaning he basically creates a masterpiece of materials from scratch every time we evolve as a company.

In the early stages of a rollout, Jason knows that if there is a wrong way to do something in a new system, the end user will probably go there. Not on purpose. It is just part of the learning process. His helpful nature leads him to uncover potential functionality problems so he can alert the implementation team to make preventative adjustments. In advance. He is like a master problem solver and trainer all in one. Once the kinks are worked out, Jason begins bundling up the process knowledge and develops curriculum, resource documentation and videos for the trainers who need to kick start the program.

Sometimes it takes him months to build a library of materials for a new initiative.

The interesting thing is, as a systems trainer, Jason is really only charged with creating the curriculum for Pinnacle’s core suite of services. He takes it upon himself to get involved with projects early so he can develop a deeper level of understanding for some of the global issues that might arise. If there is going to be a problem with a system, Jason wants to know the workaround beforehand. This allows him to dole out optimal support to the end user in the moment when they need it most. He cares that much.

Over the past three years, there have been numerous team members who have counted on Jason’s guidance and support as a manager on the training team. He’s used to getting calls when someone has no idea where to turn. And when he does, you can rest assured that his can-do personality is always available to help.