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How to Survive a Hot Summer Indoors

 Light room with grey sofa, green pillows, carpet and window

Summer can be a season filled with beach trips, cookouts and fun in the sun. Sounds like a blast, right? Well, let’s face it – the hot temperatures can be too much at times. Sometimes you’ll need to spend time indoors to keep cool and hydrated. Here are some simple ways to survive the summer inside your apartment without a meltdown.

Pick up a hobby: Stay indoors when the temperature is just too much for you to bear. Kick back on a comfy chair and read a new novel from your favorite genre. Pour yourself a cold glass of lemonade and munch on your favorite summertime snack. If reading isn’t your favorite pastime, consider exploring hobbies such as jewelry making, painting or upcycling (turning trash into treasure).

Lighten up your space: One of the best ways to keep your apartment fresh and cool is to lighten up the space. Start with new bed sheets in light, crisp colors and fabrics to make sleeping more comfortable. Consider lightening up your living space with new summertime window treatments in materials such as linen and light cotton in soft hues and textures.

Prepare a summer meal: When it comes to cooking during the summer, keep meals simple and light. Don’t sweat it out over a hot stove! Instead, prepare cool meals such as refreshing salads, sandwiches and tasty grilled dishes. Rather than exerting yourself washing dishes, set out paper plates and cups for easy cleanup.

Rethink your design: You’ll likely be spending more time indoors to keep cool, so you may as well make it comfortable. Do an audit of your living space and identify areas that may need some updating. Could your apartment benefit from more seating, a designated home office space or perhaps new accessories? While the temperatures are rising outside, spend some time inside where it’s cool to put a design update plan together to spruce up your space.

Summer is a time to be outdoors soaking up the sun, but when the heat gets to be too much, keep these tips in mind and head indoors for some cool and relaxing activities to keep the long days interesting.