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Tips for Making Your Apartment More Inviting

elegant-outdoor-wreaths-for-front-doorIt isn’t hard to make your apartment feel welcoming to guests. All it takes is a little extra planning and close attention to the details. Try stepping into your guests’ shoes and asking yourself “what sort of finishing touches would make me feel welcome?” Here are some thought starters for consideration.

Create a Welcoming Entrance Area

It’s true what they say – You never get a second chance at making a first impression. So take the time to create a welcoming entrance area for your apartment, instantly making guests feel welcome. Start by placing some tall plants – live or artificial – on either side of the welcome rug at your front door. You can also hang a seasonal wreath on your door for added detail. Once guests step inside, a unique hallway bench or table with a beautiful mirror overhead can help set an inviting tone. Similarly, a hallway rug will add instant coziness and pop of color.

Think Smart When Arranging Your Furniture

It’s best to arrange your main living room seating around people, not a television! Semi-circle arrangements often work great, but are not a hard and fast rule. Organize your living space the best way you feel will put guests at ease, then test out each seat for yourself. Don’t space furniture too far apart because you want your atmosphere to be as intimate as possible. For guests seated far away from the main coffee table area, make sure they don’t feel isolated by placing a side table with accessories close to their space. It also makes sense to create an easy path between your furniture pieces. The last thing you need is your guests tripping and falling in your home.

Evaluate Your Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important areas to pay attention to when it comes to creating a welcoming atmosphere. For entertaining your guests, opt for balanced, adjustable low lighting from multiple sources versus one main overhead light. A tall adjustable lamp makes for a great choice as it means you can tailor the lighting to any situation. Having friends over for drinks requires totally different lighting than a play date with the neighborhood children.

The Extras

There are plenty of extra touches you can add to your space to make guests feel comfortable when they walk into your home:

  • Layer with texture – Go overboard with textures and accessories, as they are always great for adding extra warmth. Layer up on fluffy cushions, blankets and pillows, and feel free to add multiple layers at a time.
  • Hide the mess – Nothing screams uninviting like a pile of messy bills or mail on the kitchen countertop. Be sure to organize them or store them somewhere neatly before guests arrive!
  • Add fresh flowers – Fresh flowers can make a big impact in any home, big or small, and you don’t have to stick to the traditional areas like the kitchen or living room coffee table to place them. Consider putting a vase or carafe of fresh flowers in your guest bathroom or another room where your guests will visit.

You don’t need to reinvent your home to make it more inviting for guests. Take a walk through your living space while keeping these tips in mind and look for areas that could use some improvement. With a few quick fixes, your home will be ready for guests in no time!