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Transition Your Apartment from Summer to Fall

transition-your-home-from-summer-to-fallTemperatures are dropping, football season is underway and the days are beginning to get shorter. With summer winding down, now is the time to transition your home and your routine for fall. Here are a few suggestions for adding a little spice to your apartment this season!

Change Colors

Most of us identify summer with bright colors. To make the shift towards fall, gradually change out the colors in your apartment from bright to darker tones such as rusty orange, brown, mustard yellow and red. Update accessories such as dish towels, napkins, throw pillows and bedding to coordinate with the beautiful autumnal hues.

Add Soft Lighting

Our days are also getting shorter, causing less natural light to stream through the windows. To make up for this loss of light, try adding small lamps or accent lighting around your apartment! Battery-powered tea lights are an easy and inexpensive way to brighten up your space, whether you’re hosting a dinner party with friends or settling in for the night with a good book. You may also enjoy decorating by draping string lights from wall to wall or over pictures. These can provide lovely ambience in the bedroom or living room.

Let Nature In

If you don’t want to spend a ton of money on fall décor, look no further for inspiration than right outside your window. Gather a bunch of fallen twigs, wrap them in a decorative bow and voila, you have an authentic homemade centerpiece! You can also take a stroll around your apartment building or a local park and collect the prettiest leaves you can find. These can look great in a simple ceramic bowl on your kitchen counter or on a coffee table. If that all sounds like too much effort, then grab a fresh bouquet of fall flowers the next time you’re at the store for a seasonal splash in your space.


Switch Out Scents

Early September is the perfect time to switch out your summer scents for fall aromas such as cinnamon, pumpkin, gingerbread, spiced apple or vanilla. Infuse your apartment with autumnal-scented candles, air fresheners and potpourri. If you love to cook, make a few of your favorite fall recipes such as pumpkin bread, apple pie or basically anything with cinnamon. Nothing smells better than the real thing!

Cozy Up

Chances are you’ll be spending more time inside your apartment than you did during summer. So, you might as well cozy up right? Drape your sofa in a textured throw in a warm velvet or knit. Then create a pile of cushiony pillows on top. Pillows can be exactly what you need when doing homework or paying bills on your sofa. Finally, introduce additional layers in your bedroom through thicker bedding and your favorite fall-patterned quilts.

Before getting caught up in your new fall routine, take time out to update your apartment ahead of the cooler season. Swap out textures and colors, add natural elements to your décor and infuse fresh fall scents that are representative of this time of year. You’ll most likely be spending more time inside than out, so it’s worth investing extra effort to make sure your home is comfortable and inviting to your guests!

Guest blog contributed by CORT