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Ultimate Rainy Day Coffee Shops in KC

Let it rain, blow and snow – as long as we have our go-to spots for a cozy cuppa joe. From pour-throughs to steam-ups, nitros, flat-whites, tasting notes and even a touch of Steinbeck tossed into the mix, Kansas City knows its way through a caffeine-crafted winter season. Here are just a handful of places to snuggle up and sip away.


Literally dozens of coffee cafes in or near Westport pour handcrafted magic-in-a-pot, but only one pulls you in for piping-hot homemade biscuits matched by coffees with names like Burundi Gitwe Hill Natural Process. That would be the Oddly Correct Tasting Room on Main Street in Westport. Since this is a “tasting bar” as much as a coffee shop, you also get tasting notes such as “red vines, candied orange and cola.” And why not? There’s also an Ethiopia Kayon Washed Process brew with notes of apricot, lemon, caramel and honey. The biscuits come with a variety of stuffings such as sausage and pimento cheese or bacon, jam and egg.


If aesthetics make the perfect wintry sipping spot, then Monarch Coffee on Broadway Street paints a picture that’s irresistible. Sleek white floors and counters, along with vintage-inspired coffee apparatus, create a throwback vibe with a modern twist that’s somehow cozy and inviting. Barista-led “cuppings” let you sip and swirl, with a nod to wine-tasting minus the alcoholic content. It’s no wonder that Food & Wine magazine crowned it the best coffee in the state of Missouri.

Seasonal rotations of cocktail-inspired drinks let you savor a cortado or warm up your taste buds with an ambrosia emissary flash brew with chrysanthemum-date tea and ginger honey. You can also order smoked and spiced cider or a Pomme-Pomme with emissary espresso, apple butter, tahini and maple syrup. And then there’s the Hail! Nitro, no explanation provided.

As the name indicates, the folks behind hou Mayest coffee shop see life “a vast, glowing, empty page, waiting to be written by you.” The owner drew inspiration from the phrase “thou mayest” in John Steinbeck’s novel East of Eden, and the two simple words mean “the way is open.” The coffee roaster’s new gathering spot in East Crossroads is dubbed “Thee Outpost,” and it nestles within the new Collective Ex workspace.

If you have a penchant for collective creativity, this is the spot for sharing ideas over a steaming cup of caffeine. The coffee shop is a communal space, but the building is home to a vast collective of artisans, makers and doers, including designers, marketers, leather craftspeople, printmakers, skateboarders, metal workers and more. It’s hard to imagine a place with more creative energy bouncing from wall to wall, and it’s definitely where to go for inspiration and warm collaboration on a cold wintry day.

You’re never far from a bustling coffee shop when living in one of our Kansas City apartment communities. Stop by for a personal tour and to reserve a spot in your new home.